Charting life's circuitous path


Scooby Dao

In amongst the beach parties and the bellbottom pants, there are important life lessons that we can all learn from Scooby and the gang.

1.       Never let a warning scare you away.

Have you been running away from obstacles sitting in your path?  Have warnings scared you from taking risks?  Are you the first out of Dodge when something fishy pops up?

Why, no, dear. I wouldn't mind talking about the tragic death of my husband to total strangers.

Why, no, dear. I wouldn’t mind talking about the tragic death of my husband to total strangers.

Well, put on your groovy shoes and learn to dance, my friend!  Freddy and company never let a “Go Away” sign, foggy beach, or a rampant ghost stop them.  In fact, these are all opportunities to find out more!  They did whatever it took to figure out where to go next, even if it meant stepping outside their comfort zones (or crossing personal boundaries).  Take that ominous letter in “The Phantom of Vasquez Castle” episode. Any other low risk taker might have dropped the letter and boat it out of there, but no, not our gang.  Any sane play-it-safe person might have tried to call the police first before taking a boat out to the sea, scuba dive to the ghost’s lair and plot a trap.   But our gang braved the ghosts and questioned the “dead sea captain’s” widow to capture a dangerous criminal because they realized that it was important to overcome challenges and to face fears.  So the next time you’re thinking about shuffling safely through life without a hitch, just remember all of the fun and adventure you could be having.  Take the chance!

2.       If you’re going to do something, make sure you get something in return.

Do you ever see Scooby volunteering to do anything without a Scooby snack?  No.  In fact, he sometimes asks for two or three!  And Shaggy learns this valuable lesson, too, by snatching his own snack right from under Scooby’s nose.  You may not want to demand something right away, but be on the lookout for possible rewards.  That extra work you’re doing in your job?  Well, if a raise isn’t possible, make sure you’re putting it in your resume or letting your manager know of your awesome skills.  That party you have planned for your friends next weekend?  Be sure to put things on the menu that not only they’ll love but you will as well.  Don’t let an opportunity pass without getting something, anything, out of it.  Even the most ephemeral reward is worth it!  Not only will you complete the task, but you’d have gained something in the process!

3.       Don’t be the kind of person that has only one pair of glasses.velma_lost_her_glasses_9414

I really admire Velma. She’s smart, she’s quick and she’s confident enough to pull off that orange sweater and red skirt combo.  It takes a really special person to do all of that without feeling silly and Velma is everything but silly.  But she really should carry a spare pair of glasses.  You don’t want to be the girl with the plan that’s one minute leading the charge into the fray and the next, patting down a totem pole thinking it’s your best friend.  Nope, you want to be the girl who can see clearly, even when the going gets tough (or blurry).  You want to be the one that can whip out a spare pair and take command without a hitch.  So always have a backup plan.  It might not be as clear as your old plan, but at least you can see one step in front of you and keep on walking.

And last, but not least:

4.       Always, always take the time to do what you love.

Super_Shaggy_SandwichNothing exemplifies this more than Shaggy’s sandwich making ability.  Even in the middle of the evil villain’s secret lair, Shaggy still finds the time to make himself a super Shaggy sandwich.  In fact, he even creates a rhyming song to the tune of “Dry Bones” as he makes his sandwich!  If only we could all learn from Shaggy and just take a moment to really do what we love, even if everything (and everyone) is saying “do this!!” instead.  Sure, we’ll get back to the task at hand, but right now, it’s OUR time.  It’s time for us to do what makes us happy.  It’s time to relax, or play, or eat.  Whatever it might be just make sure you pause a moment, look around and whip up the kind of sandwich even Shaggy would be happy (and proud) to eat.