Charting life's circuitous path

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Brilliant Sky

6 runs, 23.60 total miles, 1 soggy month
and a playlist scattered with soul sapping songs
(But I am a Firework.)
blinding sun, large clouds, b.r.e.e.z.e
and heavy, clawing, clinging humidity.
(But I am here.)
lightness, steady stride, pounding away
and a sudden sharp stitch in the side
(But fist pumps of triumph and brilliant smiles to the sky.)
Maybe with no 26.2, or 13.1 or even 10k
Maybe with wadded tissues, sweat, and flyaway hair.

But each step, each inhalation, each breath
I am able to run

And that makes me STRONG.

(Image from Pinterest.)


And the Ball Starts to Roll


A calendar hangs empty.

Scattered here and there: doctor’s appointments, family gatherings and moon phases.

Blank squares with black lines separating each from the other.

One after another.

Not for long.


Cool air brushes strands of dark hair away from a wrinkled brow.

A shelfari page bursting with good reads, low opinions, and wacky recommendations.

An emerging idea – so simple, so easy – lights the steps before her.


Do you love books? I do!

No, too nerdy.

Tired of reading alone?

Definitely not.  Too lonely hearts.

Tapping fingers on black keys.


A crisp piece of paper becoming a bit battered on the corners.

Moved to the hallway for easy grabbing.

Left there to acquire more knocks.

Will they like us?


The bed shakes as she throws herself on her napping hubby.

She liked it!

The Start

Life is malleable.

That first step is waiting to be taken.


(And, yes, we did get our book club idea approved by our apartment manager! 🙂  Took me a week to get up the courage to give her the proposal, but all of my worries were swept away under a gush of excitement and enthusiasm from her.  Now, it’s all down to planning.  Have a book club experience you want to share to help me navigate this new world?  Please do!  I’d love to hear all the good, bad, and beautiful!)