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An odd post for me, but I wanted to share some of the things that have brought a smile into my life this last month.  In a lot of ways, it’s been a really good month for me.  I still have many goals and issues to work on, but this month hasn’t been as heavy as they have been.  I’d like to do these kinds of posts from time to time since they share literal snapshots of the good things in my life. I just hope you don’t mind. 🙂

Apologies for the quality of the snaps.  Anymore, I use my phone for all pictures, and I’m not a very good photographer.  Nor am I a great poet, so excuse the attempt at poetics in the captions.  😀


Warm sun flashing off newly polished bells. Deliverance.


Crackled crust hides the soft, gooey molten chocolate that flows into the bones and weighs one down with content.


Even with the softest whisper, love states firmly, I’ll be with you. I am here in every dappled curve.


Sprinkling bright, sweet and childlike. Cookies at the end of the rainbow.


I say hello to my happy sentry and pat the soft head, hoping to gain the same level of optimistic happiness.

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10:30 am Rapid Ride

seattleThe tall, triumphant, disk rising to blue swathed heavens
competing with steel, glass and the footsteps of thousands.
Bundles of bright blooms, bags of earthy produce,
spontaneous showers of protest
rights, rights for all! rights for me and you and them!
subdued to a murmur of energy as water
ebbs and crests with the caws of black, ancient eyes.
A hazy peak slides in and out of life’s daily chores –
majestic, grand, eternally situated at the corner of the eye.
Sweet, peanut layered toast mornings
Filled with pre-run milky tea reflections.
To be there is to be caught in a daze
a high that reaches to gray snowy caps
with the sea tugging us down.
Stay, just a little longer.
Rise high with us just a little bit more.
Stand tall with the tips of the marching trees
along the highway that takes you into the emerald city.


Two weeks after our vacation to Seattle, I’m finally coming back down to my Midwestern reality.  Our weeks have been filled with post-break appointments and chores as daily life comes back in full force.  I want to end my Seattle series with a few last tips.  If you ever plan on taking a break to Seattle, here’s a few things we’ve learned:

  1. Rent a vacation home for a real city experience.  Our rental home was cheaper than any hotel and it was well stocked and felt like home every time we came back from a full day of sightseeing.  It’s definitely the way we’re going to plan our vacations from now on.  Just be sure to shop around a bit to find the best deal and the best location.
  2. In amongst the ins and outs, the goings on of every day sightseeing, take breaks.  LOTS of breaks.  With coffee and preferably a nice sweet bun on the side.  Those are the moments that you’ll really remember because life seeps into your skin and you absorb not only the moment, but the day-to-day life of the city.  Some of my favorite moments were when we stopped, sipped at a cup and watched life walk by.
  3. Be prepared to be surprised.  We knew that Seattle was known for being progressive and socially conscious, but we didn’t know just how nice the people would be.  Strangers would ask us if we needed directions on the street.  Overworked grocery store clerks were efficient and nice as they trusted us when we told them the price of our unscannable cheese.  Even bus operators chatted over the intercom about the weather and wished us a great weekend at the end of a Friday!  If a city that gets rain 9 months out of the year can still be happy, then why can’t the rest of us?  A smile and a friendly face makes life easier, nicer and welcoming.
  4. You will eat and you will eat a lot.  Be ready to put your diet on a brief hold (unless you have a will of iron) but make sure that you’re still taking every opportunity to exercise and eat only what you’ll not regret.  I experienced some of my best runs on vacation as I ran along wide sidewalks, past succulents and mountain skies.  I ate some of the best food and while I regret the extra pounds, I don’t regret the wonderful flavors that crossed my tongue.  Taste and smell are both critical aspects of memory.  When that museum fades into the misty shadows of memory, the joy of sinking teeth into a sweet, chewy bun will not.



End of the Month Photo Roundup – December

December – How fast it all goes.

One day it’s Thanksgiving and then suddenly we’re packing up decorations, weaning ourselves off sugar (unsuccessfully and painfully), and trying to scrape together some sort of “new year” resolution that sticks.

I don’t know about you, but I want my December back.

I want to relive my fun trip to the zoo where the lions roared, but we thought it was a recording.

I mean come on! Does that look like a lion that just roared? Sleeeeepyyyyy....

Where you can toss your trash into these nifty mini-compactors (how sad is it that I wanted to make trash to see how this thing worked?).

Isn't it swish?? I'd love to have one in my kitchen. No more taking out the trash for weeks on end!

The decorated tree is down and even though I don’t want to see another for a good year, I do miss our decorations.

Happy snowmen are a must.

So are happy cupcakes. For who has ever heard of sad cupcake?

And a happy whale. What? You don't have a blue whale as a christmas decoration?

So with the advent calendar tossed in the trash and the tree dismembered and packed away, I’m ready for 2012 and whatever craziness, happiness and temptations it throws at me.   And without further ado, here’s my wish list for 2012:

2012, Here I come!

  1. I hope to allow myself more leniency and not beat myself over every little transgression.  This applies to my personal life, my work life and, more frequently, my health(y) life.
  2. I want to continue the exercise and health goals I set for 2011.  I want to keep me as the focus and remember that if I let my inner cookie monster win, we’ll be right back into 2009, overweight and unhealthy.
  3. I plan to build my relationship with myself.  This means tapping into bits of me that I’m scared of, or that I’ve ignored.  That paint set that my hubby thoughtfully bought me last year?  Picasso, roll over right now because I’m moving in!
  4. Balance will be my keyword this year.  Balance in all areas of my life.  What will it take to get to that point?  No clue, but I plan to at least keep it in my sights.  It might get a bit foggy and I might have to take a roundabout or two, but my final destination is set.