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Going Bananas

Is it just me, or has this first week of 2013 been exhausting?

I seem to be more prone to emotional distresses this new year’s week, and more often than not, I find myself looking aimlessly around my healthy kitchen for something, well, unhealthy.  Luckily there isn’t much in there that qualifies, but I am finding my frozen cookie stash, a quick microwave beep away, has gotten smaller.

I’m not letting my mini-binges bother me, since I’m still exercising, and I know that once life has gone back to normal, so will my diet.  What I am worried about is my increasing inability to hold things together.  Once you patch up a spot, you immediately find another, bigger one.  And so on.

So, I thought I’d do something that I normally don’t do: I’m looking to the stars for help.

Hello, I’m a monkey.

zodiac-monkeyAt least, that’s what every Chinese restaurant placemat has told me.  Apparently I’m intelligent, creative, self-sacrificing, but with a touch of impatience and mouthy-ness tossed into the mix.  Seeing as how I was failing in all practical areas to figure out what’s been going wrong with this year, I took a look at the China Travel Guide’s “Fortune Fortelling in 2013” overview.  Let’s see how my life as a monkey is stacking up!

  • They will have much stress from job matters and family trifles in 2013.  Okay, even I’ll admit that it’s a bit creepy.  Stress has already been upped to max and it hasn’t even been a complete week!  The horoscope goes on to say that I won’t let the stress defeat me, so bring it on!  😈  Just, gently, please!  And preferably with cake.
  • No very good fortune in finance comes to them in 2013. Sometimes they make great efforts, but earn a little. Or they can make money, but usually no savings can be kept. Yeah, that’s definitely true.  Hubby’s pay isn’t as high as we expected with the new job, so it’s all around tighter than we thought. And we found out yesterday.  (Maybe buying new cell phones wasn’t a great idea…) We’re thankful we can still sustain our standard of living, but it isn’t quite as nicely cushioned.
  • Their physical condition has great fluctuation this year. . . Finding a good way to shake off the loneliness is important. Otherwise, they may get insomnia or dysphoria. Finding that “good way” is the tricky bit.  I’ve been feeling lower than normal this last week and it’s taking a toll on me.  Little sleep with frequent disruptions, grinding teeth and a lethargic body.  I’m still working out, but the love isn’t there.  I need to divert and utilize these strong emotions in ways that are productive and enriching.

There’s  a list on my pinterest board called Sagasu. Sagasu means to seek in Japanese, and it describes the many things that I’ve wanted to do, but haven’t – like learning to do cake decorating, wall climbing or painting.  I started the list last year as a bucket list of all of the things I want to tackle before I missed my chance. If this fortune proves true (and it’s doing a darn good job of it so far), then I need to start building into my life outlets that channel the negative away and into something beautiful.

I believe I need to start stop pinning and start doing!

I’ll leave you with an old, ancient proverb: if a monkey hands you a bunch of bananas, make like a smoothie.

Or something like that. 🙂

(image above from here)