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Scratched Lenses

“Merry Christmas!” says a smiling face as I take my packet I bought for a good friend. The carefully chosen doll was weighed against the other items in the shop and had won out by a cuteness factor of ten.  It was so cute, I was tempted to keep it myself.  🙂 My startled gaze creates an odd juxtaposition with the presents in my arms.  While I obviously had Christmas on the mind, I didn’t seem to have wholly absorbed the fact that Christmas was, in fact, only 2 days away.  Mind and body or even mind and mind do not always align.

Camera360_2014_12_23_052954_jpgWe’re spending our holidays at my in-laws in a country not my own.  Everything is lovely, familiar and new.  We’ve visited a few times now, but this is the first time where I’ve felt confident about going out on my own and exploring the town.  The winding roads that dead-end, the narrow sidewalks and magically appearing cars around corners no longer frighten me like the times past.  Striding down the street purposefully made me feel more like I was at home than most anything else.

Camera360_2014_12_23_053533_jpgJet-lag means tiredness and odd wake-up times, but it also means a giant hammer striking against your fragile self-esteem.  Inadequacies are hard things to ignore when your rose tinted glasses are scratched blind.

But they’re so much easier to deal with when you’re able to breathe and take them off for a bit.  The world is full of bumps and slight dips but nature and people have a way of filling them in with color, life and novelty.  When we’re running about our day-to-day lives we miss the details.  The things we do notice, ripped up roads, piles of leaves and broken verges are usually taken with a cringe, a frown and a general air of obstruction.  What ought to be beautiful, our own lives, are relegated to the mundane and chore-list of life.

And the only thing I can do is remind myself to lift the scratched lenses from my eyes.

Camera360_2014_12_22_074327_jpgAnd finally see.

Camera360_2014_12_22_074123_jpgIf only for a bit.

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A bit of this and that

  • The Penguins lost. 😥 Needless to say, yesterday was a very low day at work.  So, now I have to pick a new hockey team to root for (which is hard since the Pens are the ONLY hockey team to root for) and I pick…

43ffb5d0c5af4e8543b2027a1804d561Not as cute as a penguin, but at least I can say  “Go Habs!” without feeling like a traitor. 😥

  • May is my birthday month. 🙂 So, we’ve started early with a free burger at Red Robins and some delicious cookies from the Great American Cookie Company.  Have you ever had any of their cookies?  They’re surprisingly good!  They don’t have that preservative taste that a lot of non-homemade cookies have and they’re so soft and delicious.  We never bought mall food growing up and I’ve always wanted my own big cookie.  It’s a lucky thing that we’re so cheap or we’d be eating them all the time. 😈 Next week birthday celebrations include: ice cream and an afternoon tea at a local bakery I’ve been dying to try out.  The week after that?  Eddie Izzard!!  I love May!


  • I’m growing potatoes, bush cucumbers, carrots and eggplants in containers this year.  It’s the first year we’re going without tomatoes, peppers and strawberries.  We’re lucky to have a shaded patio, but it means very little sun for sun loving plants. 😦 There’s only so many tiny tomatoes or weedy peppers one can pick before one tosses in the hoe and gives up.  I’m hoping the cucumbers grow better since I’m keen on making my own pickles this year.  I did a trial recipe with Flour’s pickle recipe, but I didn’t tweak it right for my quantities and it’s a bit sour.  o_O


  • I love cooking desserts for my work potlucks, but I just can’t get it together for the impromptu potluck this Friday.  I want to make something with what I have in my cabinets, but that really limits my choices.   I came across this recipe and doesn’t it look delicious??  So yummy looking! ❤COCONUT-CARAMEL-COOKIE-SERVING-680x453

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An odd post for me, but I wanted to share some of the things that have brought a smile into my life this last month.  In a lot of ways, it’s been a really good month for me.  I still have many goals and issues to work on, but this month hasn’t been as heavy as they have been.  I’d like to do these kinds of posts from time to time since they share literal snapshots of the good things in my life. I just hope you don’t mind. 🙂

Apologies for the quality of the snaps.  Anymore, I use my phone for all pictures, and I’m not a very good photographer.  Nor am I a great poet, so excuse the attempt at poetics in the captions.  😀


Warm sun flashing off newly polished bells. Deliverance.


Crackled crust hides the soft, gooey molten chocolate that flows into the bones and weighs one down with content.


Even with the softest whisper, love states firmly, I’ll be with you. I am here in every dappled curve.


Sprinkling bright, sweet and childlike. Cookies at the end of the rainbow.


I say hello to my happy sentry and pat the soft head, hoping to gain the same level of optimistic happiness.