Charting life's circuitous path

Momentary Pauses

Life is made up of a lot of little stories.  Some have distinct endings, but most pause for a moment before continuing on again like a train stopping at small village depots.  Each stop presents its own set of unique characters and situations, but more importantly, they build and develop this life’s story.

My stops are generally of the quiet, sleepy village variety than the bustle of the big city.  But through that quietness, I’m able to sit a bit, look around and peer closely at what’s happening around me.  From the quiet can come an intriguing idea or at least a bit of musing to pass the time.

Here are a few “pauses” from the many stops and starts in my life so far, starting with the earliest.

Stop a while with me and sip a coffee or two as I try to figure out where this story is headed.  🙂

Learning to Work Again

Family Memories

Love, Love, Love

Finding Self



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