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A Little Bit Me

avatar-1364224909I’m a 30-something ex-college instructor.  I used to teach English until one day when I felt that there was more to life than the emotional ups and downs associated with teaching (the downs can be so endless…).  Currently, I’m on this scary, liberating, exciting journey of finding my own niche.

A niche that includes working with numbers, strangely enough.  How an individual that’s spent her life focusing on words can spend her working days with numbers is a tale that I might tell here some day.

I also have a penchant for baking.  I love to bake desserts and I love to eat them.  Unfortunately, my body also loves to eat them so I try to limit my baking to special occasions.  I’m not a professional baker by any means nor do I plan to become one.  More than a stick of butter or 2+ eggs can give me hyperbolic (and hypothetical) hives so I generally gauge my recipes on what’s in them and what they look like.  My hubby likes chocolate desserts, but I like ones with fruit so it’s always a slight give and take in our kitchen.

I am also a devoted vegetarian for 14 years who has a soft-spot for her fid (feathered kid), and a wonderfully supportive hubby.  (Oh, yes, and a ridiculous obsession with food labels.)

This blog isn’t about only one thing.  It’ll feature recipes, reviews, thoughts, ideas, quotes, pics and whatever else catches my fancy.  The writing style might change, I might get into a topic rut, or weeks will go by without a recipe in sight.  At the end of it all, it’s 100% me.

To read my first post that covers why I started all of this, go here.

And to follow my musings as I trundle along life’s pathways, start here and pause a while.

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