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  • The Penguins lost. 😥 Needless to say, yesterday was a very low day at work.  So, now I have to pick a new hockey team to root for (which is hard since the Pens are the ONLY hockey team to root for) and I pick…

43ffb5d0c5af4e8543b2027a1804d561Not as cute as a penguin, but at least I can say  “Go Habs!” without feeling like a traitor. 😥

  • May is my birthday month. 🙂 So, we’ve started early with a free burger at Red Robins and some delicious cookies from the Great American Cookie Company.  Have you ever had any of their cookies?  They’re surprisingly good!  They don’t have that preservative taste that a lot of non-homemade cookies have and they’re so soft and delicious.  We never bought mall food growing up and I’ve always wanted my own big cookie.  It’s a lucky thing that we’re so cheap or we’d be eating them all the time. 😈 Next week birthday celebrations include: ice cream and an afternoon tea at a local bakery I’ve been dying to try out.  The week after that?  Eddie Izzard!!  I love May!


  • I’m growing potatoes, bush cucumbers, carrots and eggplants in containers this year.  It’s the first year we’re going without tomatoes, peppers and strawberries.  We’re lucky to have a shaded patio, but it means very little sun for sun loving plants. 😦 There’s only so many tiny tomatoes or weedy peppers one can pick before one tosses in the hoe and gives up.  I’m hoping the cucumbers grow better since I’m keen on making my own pickles this year.  I did a trial recipe with Flour’s pickle recipe, but I didn’t tweak it right for my quantities and it’s a bit sour.  o_O


  • I love cooking desserts for my work potlucks, but I just can’t get it together for the impromptu potluck this Friday.  I want to make something with what I have in my cabinets, but that really limits my choices.   I came across this recipe and doesn’t it look delicious??  So yummy looking! ❤COCONUT-CARAMEL-COOKIE-SERVING-680x453

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