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New Year Wins

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Every year seems to go faster and faster and become more of a blur. I stopped making a list for new year resolutions last year.  This might seem odd since lists are what I do – I make daily lists, financial lists, and even quote lists.  In a way, I see life as a series of steps.

But goal lists are meant to be broken.  Like saying “Never!” and then promptly doing.


An admirable yet very negative lists of resolutions I found on Pinterest. Wanting change indicates a dissatisfaction with the way you are.

Instead, I want to think of my wins this last year.  I dwell too much on what I’m doing wrong that I don’t need to sit down at the start of a new, fresh year thinking negatively about my current state.  What I’d rather do is celebrate all of the little and big wins that went toward making 2013 a fantastic year!

  • I’ve become more comfortable with the right portion size, so I’m learning to eat more naturally. Not like a bird and not like it’s my last meal before execution.  This might mean never hitting my “goal” weight, but I realized this year that my “goal” weight left me hungry 24/7.  So I came to terms with my body: I’m still right where I should be with weight and I’m happier for it.
  •  We went to our first party as a couple and had a blast!  The geek club has been a great source of potential friends and I’m so glad we’re taking the time and effort to go to events.  It’s not always easy to leave the comforts of home for a night out with strangers, but it definitely makes you feel more like part of a group when you do.
  • I learned to just “taste” food rather than “eat” food at potlucks.  Not only can I now face a potluck without the fear of losing control and wiping it clean, but I can satisfy my “tastebuds” with just a taste.  (I’ll let you in on a secret: I pretend I’m an editor of Saveur or somesuch and do an evaluation of the food before moving on.  Don’t tell anyone.  Even I think that’s a bit too geeky. 😳 )  It’s wonderful to finally not fear the (frequent) work potluck.
  • I was able to stop reading at least 3 books this year! 😀 This might sound silly, but I typically finish a book regardless of whether I like it or not.  It’s like an obligation or a hope that it must surely get better. The resulting gnashing of teeth are now gone with the small steps I’ve taken in breaking that habit.  If the book is really bad, I stop and move on.  Admittedly, I still find that I’m sitting through a lot of mediocre books, but I’m saving my teeth for the big smiles when I hit the good ones. 🙂
  •  My repertoire for homemade staples increased to sandwich buns and tortilla wrappers. I love the taste of a homemade whole wheat bun vs the store bought buns, and tortilla wrappers are so easy to make, it’s crazy not to!  I now regularly make the following staples from scratch:  chili/taco seasoning, granola bars, buns, tortilla wrappers, and soup.

 What wins did you have this year?  🙂

Here’s to another year of happiness in 2014!cb28ba73e3badcbec5a481f36a840201

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One thought on “New Year Wins

  1. I love your emphasis on the wins!! I tried to focus on the positive this year also, mostly because I feel like I’m generally happy so why focus on the negative, right? Also, i love your potluck idea! I am so bad at handling them, but maybe if I imagine myself a food critic…

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