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Fridays are currently the only day where our work schedules don’t match up – I’m off to work while the hubby stays home.  This doesn’t bother me, but I definitely notice how much more dull and boring work can be when he isn’t there.  I’m the first out the door at the end of my day, with a few jokes trailing behind me from coworkers about how quick I am to pack up and scuttle out.

Don’t blame me if my hubby happens to be what’s keeping me there in the first place. 🙂

With Valentine’s day being on a Thursday, we were able to enjoy the whole day without work and without a schedule.  Pizza was devoured, french toast festively sprinkled, and gifts exchanged.  We even worked in a lovely cuddle on the couch with Columbo on our telly.  While others might have been dancing the night away in satin and heels, we were in our comfy clothes with homemade mocha and a blanket to share.

Never take for granted the comfort and sense of belonging love provides.


One thing that was different this Valentine’s day was our more health-conscious approach.  Recently, my hubby has started to watch how much he eats by counting his calories.  He clocks his eats and exercises on his phone and has lost weight, but he’s gained so much more – a sense of quantity.

Before, meals were eaten based on how hungry he was or how delicious the food was – not a bad thing, necessarily, except when it was getting out of hand.  His weight was creeping up while mine was going down.  I had never really pressured him to watch his calories, since my own health “movement” was a personal decision and I’m not one to preach.  Sure, I made a few changes that affected his plate, too, but it was more on an ingredient level and not on quantity.

So imagine my surprise as I watched him carefully consider his food options and eat food that was portioned and (for the most part) healthy.

I think I might have swooned a little. 😳

I’ve been helping him measure, calculate and stay within his target by making meals for him that are still tasty but more healthy.

Enter the bento.


I bought this cute little bento box at my local Japanese store and it’s a standard meal for his long work days during the weekend.  I fill it with about a cup of rice, two or three vegetable sides and a bit of meat (here there’s chicken wings in the pink cup, kimpira gobo in the yellow cup, and a miso eggplant dish next to the rice).

The entire meal comes out to about 300-500 calories depending on what I pack in there, but it’s so much more filling and healthier than the sandwiches he was eating.  The container has lids and keeps it all warm for when I arrive to drop it off at his desk.

I love making the meal for him and it’s even more gratifying to see his smile when I hand it over and he’s hungry.  🙂  It takes a lot of courage and strength to fix one’s eating habits, and I’m completely proud that he’s giving it his own go.

And I’ll cook for that smile any day!

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