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12 in 2012


Twelve beautiful things in 2012
  1. Gathering the courage to do something I’ve wanted to do but was too afraid to attempt.
  2. Touching so many lives with a single post.
  3. Discovering that a quiet moment can mean more than all the excitement in the world.
  4. Diving into a new culture with a flimsy grasp on the language and all the while having a laugh.
  5. Finding new and wonderful books to read.
  6. Going further with my baking skills and trying new recipes that made my baker’s heart proud.
  7. Making my hubby burst out laughing by being just a little bit silly.
  8. Holding my health close to my heart and treating myself right.
  9. Drinking a warm cup of mocha and laughing until we cry (Bringing up Baby).
  10. Watching with pride as my hubby gains much deserved recognition at work.
  11. Learning (again) that falling down doesn’t mean you can’t get back up and build yourself a stepping stone.
  12. Giving more of myself to others and discovering the happiness in sharing lives.

Thank you for sharing your year with me.  I hope we’ll get to share even more moments together next year! 🙂

May your 2013 be beautiful and bright.

Author: iscribbler

A girl scribbling her way through health, love, food and life.

5 thoughts on “12 in 2012

  1. Great post! Agree with your points 100%; laughter, diving into a new culture and the belief in being able to rebuild after falling down resonates with me!
    Best wishes to you for 2013, and look forward to reading more of your posts!
    Bex 🙂

    • Thank you! 🙂 There’s always so much to work on, but it’s nice to focus on what we’ve gained (and I’m not talking about weight!). Best wishes to you, too, and I hope your new year has been fantastic already!

      • No problem, thanks for your thanks!! 🙂

        Yes, that is true enough!!!! I feel bloated still from all that extra food and drink!!!

        Best wishes to you also, and same for you too!!! Yes thanks, so far all has been good; fingers crossed it will continue!!!!!


  2. You achieved so much in 2012! I’m sure there is even more happiness in store for you in 2013. 🙂

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