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Review: Kristi Yamaguchi’s Power Workout DVD

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Power Workout by Kristi Yamaguchi


(Image from Amazon)

Beginning Observations:  I found this dvd in my rather small library tucked between the many walking for fitness dvds (I really ought to try one of those out – I mean, how do they work exactly?).  I don’t keep up with pop culture or celebrities, so I can’t tell you what she’s been up to since her Olympic days, but she looked bright, happy and fit on the cover.  It helped that the dvd boasted circuit workouts – I love circuit and interval workouts and I try to do a few tough ones weekly.  I needed something fresh, so I picked it up.  Couldn’t hurt to see, right?

Overall Response:  Well, actually, it did hurt.  My arms and legs were quite a bit sore the day after, and that, for me, was a good sign.  I’ve been exercising consistently for a couple of years now and your body does reach a stage where a lot of the routines you used to do don’t seem as effective anymore.  Where once I panted, now I only breathe more deeply.  Trippy feet have leveled out and can execute the moves more smoothly.  All good news, of course, but I like to feel challenged now and then, so I was thrilled that this dvd left me remembering it the next day.

The 3 circuits printed on the dvd are actually more like 3 types of exercises: aerobic, strength and abs.  You rotate through two of the types (aerobic and strength) multiple times and then end on ab and back exercises.  Each rotation is a few minutes long and each one contains different levels of exertion.  Want to do high impact?  Great! Follow along with Kristi. Want something lighter?  Sure!  Follow along with the trainer.  It allows for adjustment that some dvds leave out and which I appreciated (I tend to opt for the high impact, so it’s good that they offer you that option).

There isn’t a lot of extra talking and the trainer (Erin) guides you through each exercise so you can do them correctly.  The lighting is bright, the setting is cozy enough, the music is just this side of peppy, and Kristi smiles all the way through.  Okay, so I know that she can do this routine and probably more without breaking a sweat, but it feels real when she’s struggling along with you as you try to complete the triceps exercises.

My only complaint is that it doesn’t let you customize it beyond selecting a section, but that’s okay.  Generally I want to do it all and if not, it’s easy enough to stop (ain’t that the truth!).

Rating:  5 stars.

This is definitely a good one to keep in your own library.  My copy definitely gets its own rotation throughout the month and I enjoy it each time.

(As with everything on my blog, I’m not paid crumbs for anything I write. Course, if they offered me cake… 😉 )

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