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The Impending Sugar Crash

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Halloween isn’t my favorite holiday.

Cheap candy, cheaper decorations and pathetic attempts at scares makes for a grumpy me.

Is there a Halloween cousin to Scrooge?  That’d be me.

iScribbler aka iScareNot

(Let’s ignore how in my heart of hearts I really can’t wait to give out candy to adorable kids in bee costumes from my own doorstep.  Or how I secretly wish I had enough nerve to dress up in a cute costume.  Or how I really wish I could just eat all of the candy we bought for our coworkers. Yep, not at all reasons why I grump Halloween.)

It’s also the month that officially kicks off the Sugar Rush.  A time of no holds barred, kick in your teeth, cavity inducing, recipe hunting baking that starts off with simple brownies and culminates to confections of every cavity-inducing sort at Christmas.

And I’ve started off with a bang.

Our office loves parties.  There’s a special group of people that plan these extravaganzas and I’ve joined their ranks.  Like all parties, we need food and that’s where I step in.  I bake.  A lot.  So much my own teeth ache just thinking about it.  Because what I bake for these parties aren’t my typical “healthified” version we have at home.  Nope.  It’s 2 sticks of butter and 1 cup of sugar baking.  It’s a sugar rush that never crashes.

I live out my baking fantasies on my coworkers.  😈

As the hubby told a coworker who asked if we ate like this at home:  No. 😕

First were the Pumpkin Cheesecake Brownies up above.  Take a normal brownie mix, whip up a pumpkin cheesecake layer, top, bake and cut out with a cute pumpkin cookie cutter.

Office Workers 1, Take home leftovers 0

Next up:  Toffee Chip Cookies with White Chocolate Icing

Take my brown butter chocolate chip cookie recipe toss in Heath Toffee bits in place of chocolate chips and drizzle white chocolate candy coating on top. Result was a chewy, thin cookie with a lot of toffee flavor and a dash of creaminess.

Office Workers 2, Take home leftovers 0

This week I made two different desserts for our pizza party on Friday.  The chocolate chip cookie pies got me voted the unofficial “baker in residence”.

I used Bakerella’s Chocolate Chip Cookie Pie and made them into individual pies with my silicon muffin tin.  I then topped them with whipped cream.

Next up were Caramel ‘n Chocolate Pecan Bars.  I used a cat cookie cutter I had bought for 79 cents and made about 10 large cat bars.  I followed the recipe exactly except for adding a few white chocolate chips to brighten things up a bit.

I placed them in my nifty Halloween treats basket and took them into work. (The black plate to the side contain the rest of the bars.)

Office Workers 4, Take home leftovers 0

And that was just October.  In November there’s a proposed Chili Cookoff, a book club, a Dr Who Club, Thanksgiving and a birthday.

Excuse me as I prep my bed for the hibernation that will surely hit me like a ton of sugar come January.

Right now, though, I’ll just buzz through the holiday season with a smile. 😀

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