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Your True Home

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10/08/12 – It is important to be mindful even when upset.  Miracles are always there, surrounding us.

(All quotes are my summative thoughts after meditating on a passage from Your True Home.)


Being present in my own life is still a struggle.

There were weeks after I read Flowers’ book where I was steady with my meditating.  I had a half hour before work where I could walk and meditate.  Since my job swap, however,  even with two extra hours, I’ve somehow found time for other things and demoted it as something “extra” to do if “I’m not busy”.

As anyone who’s ever said that to themselves knows, that meant I didn’t do it at all.

It might come as no surprise, therefore, that my sense of being was thrown off kilter thus affecting my mood.  I was beginning to obsess about past mistakes (should have I stopped teaching earlier?) and future bleakness (is this all I’ll be able to do?).  Nothing was adding up properly and even though I was in a happy place with my weight and eating habits, my “happy smile” was decidedly forced.

10/06/12 – Mindfulness gives us energy and is energy.  But by being present, we’re calm.

So, never one to be totally lost at sea without a paddle, I’m “promoting” my meditation and working on being present with a new Happiness Journal! I picked out this beautiful and cheery journal from the shelf at my local bookstore and decided then and there that I had procrastinated enough.  At the end of each day, I was going to write down something that made me smile or feel good.

I’m also beginning each morning by reading a page of Your True Home by thich nhat hanh and meditating on the passage.  I had never heard of the author before, but I had plucked the small, calm text off the shelf and was immediately drawn to the wise and soothing words.  It’s helped ground me throughout the day as I remember the passage and try to bring my attention back to the lesson being taught.  I then write down my own take on the lesson and date it.  I plan to use this book for a long time to come – a collection of thoughts that grows with me.

10/07/12 – You must cultivate your stability every moment to keep your home present.

This framing with mediation at sunrise and remembrance at sunset has also shifted my days away from just being a combination of actions and automatic reactions. I’m actively seeking ways to make my days, and hopefully my future, be more alive, present and fulfilled.

In fact, to close out this post, I want to share with you a few images of things around my home that have definitely made me smile. 🙂

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