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“Some people walk in the rain, others just get wet.” ~ Roger Miller

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This sums up what our holiday weather was like during April in England:


Rain, more rain, and lots of rain.

With a chance of rainbow.


It wasn’t a surprise, to say the least.  I had hoped for the unseasonably warm weather that usually proceeds our arrival, but no such luck.  Still, there were mornings where the sun warmed the pavement and flashed against the baker’s window.  (And we definitely visited the baker!)


In between the showers and the grey clouds, there were creamy mochas, soft cakes and large platters of chips.  We didn’t let a little rain ruin our appetites.  In fact, it gave us one more reason to visit a café.


Every meal was a full plate of food and each ended with a “pudding” (Brit speak for dessert).  I didn’t hold back and that resulted in a 7 pound gain.  😥

 You know you’ve eaten too much when you pass up a Doctor Who cake.


We did take time out to see some sights and this trip focused on Oxford, Warwick, and Colchester.

 What was the most striking thing about Oxford?  The almost blasé approach to all of the history around each corner and down every alley.  Sure, there are your common tourist sites, but amongst all of this architecture and history is a nonchalance that inserts a McDonald’s next to a pub that Shakespeare might have stopped at on his trips to and from London.

 It doesn’t seem to treat itself like Warwick where even the oldest public house is still quaint under its newest inhabitant, Pizza Express.


We had a great, if busy, time.  Now that the bbq is over, the last mocha sipped, and goodbyes said, it will definitely all be missed.


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