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Ah, April in Paris…


Isn’t what they tell you.  I envisioned warm walks along a glistening Seine.  Drinks at an outdoor cafe and pastries nibbled on as the pigeons gaily flock around you. Leisurely bike rides along ancient streets filled with history and romance.

It’s raining in this pic, actually.

We did get some of that: pastries, bikes and pigeons were definitely present.

Our bike tour company – props to Stephanie, our guide!

Our breakfast spot. The most delicious baked goods in such a small shop.

A croissant and brioche suisse from the shop above. I am forever ruined. No other croissant can even compare. We ordered 4 on our last day.

But so was the rain.  A lot of rain.  Rain every single day, in fact.  Plus cold temperatures.  Chilly temps tied up with wind, rain, and a terrible grasp of French would make anyone rethink going back to Paris.

Me?  I think I can handle it just one more time. 😉

The view from our hotel window. Sun on our last morning.

The sun decided to peak out on our last morning and I could clearly see why people rave about springtime in Paris.  The glitter off the gold-tipped domes and the beautiful avenues and buildings with a dash of light are breathtaking.  I loved walking to the Eiffel Tower in the dazzling sun (especially after darting about in the cold rain the last couple of days).  The Louvre even looked different in the sunlight.

Our hotel – Hotel Regina. Lovely staff and a wonderful room. Highly recommend booking in advance for cheaper rates, though!

Still, what I loved the most was the food.  Or the desserts, I should say.

Gleefully eaten at the Louvre.

Being in love with the macaron meant a definite stop in a renowned macaron shop.  I contemplated Laduree, but happily opted for Pierre Herme.  And boy was I glad I did.  They were larger, cheaper and oh so delicious!  He had a line of “le jardin” (the garden) macarons that were indescribable.  Flavors such as chocolate, coffee and anis, or rose, lychee, and raspberry bloomed in your mouth as you sunk your teeth into the soft, slightly chewy and creamy cookie.  It was worth the 28 euro.

So sad that they’re all gone now. I still have my bag and box, though!

This is a montblanc from Angelina’s – a bakery/cafe/tea shop that is renowned for their hot chocolate. We skipped the line and bought this delicious treat instead.

We ate ourselves silly during the trip, but it was all worth it.  We also walked our feet off and ended up crashing into our bed the minute we got back to the hotel.  Still, it was a wonderful experience filled with apprehension (fretting the night before on how to say “no, thank you” and then feeling immensely stupid), fun (biking around Paris with our red bikes), food (panniers the size of my hand, crepes filled with chocolate and a chocolate cake oozing fudge) and just a bit of craziness (a rude Parisian?  check! being yelled at for taking pics when I shouldn’t?  check!  mixed up tour bookings?  check!).

A McDonald’s McCafe that puts ours to shame.

Would I go back to Paris if given the chance?  Definitely. 🙂

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3 thoughts on “Ah, April in Paris…

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  2. Do you remember the name of the bakery (or the place where it is located)? 🙂

    • I don’t know the name other than what was on the front of the store (which I know isn’t really a name ~_~). If you’re on the corner of Rue Saint-Honore and Rue Saint Roch, it’s right there on Saint-Honore. In fact, you can view it on street view through Google maps. Hope this helps!

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