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By Saturday, we’ll be in Europe.  Days are filled with chores, preparations and general day-to-day activities.  Soon, we’ll be indulging in wonderful food and sweets.

 I’m not as nervous about my food and health choices as I thought I’d be – I was more out of sorts on Sunday for Easter dinner than about next week’s potential smorgasbord of choices.

 Vacations are a time for decadence and relaxation. That’s how I’ve always viewed trips.  When I was little, I voiced dismay at packed lunches.  I now appreciate how my parents were trying to make the trip more affordable, but I still take the attitude that vacations should indulge all of your senses.  They aren’t a time to feel stressed about food and exercise.  I don’t plan to go crazy, but I also promise myself a good time.  If I see a croissant that I want in Paris, by golly I’ll buy it and eat it.  I don’t want to leave with regrets about choices that can be righted after I get home.

 In a lot of ways, there’s some security in knowing that I’m strong enough not to let the vacation rule my life after the two week period.  Before, I might have been tempted to let the health focus slip completely.  Now, I plan to work in some exercise (walking, maybe even some running) and a dash of restraint (I don’t plan to stuff myself silly).

 We’re even carrying our exercise pants and running shoes!  I might be munching on a pain au chocolat, but at least we’ll be walking it off at the same time.

 The biggest “sacrifice” is actually not health related but bird related.


The little prince

We dropped off Eddy at my parents’ house this Sunday and it’s left a big gap in our home.

 No whistles as you brush your teeth.  No “peekabos” as you wash the dishes.  No dust bombs (vigorous flapping) as you sort through the fridge.

 No cute, fluffy bird when you get home.

 Is it bad that in some ways, I can’t wait until vacation is over?

 Here are a few promises I will make to myself:

  •  I promise to have fun and not to worry.
  • I promise to consider my health.
  • I promise to walk whenever and wherever possible (within reason).
  • I promise to get back on track right when I get home.
  • I promise to make every single calorie count.  I won’t eat “empty” calories just for the sake of it.

Source: via iscribbler on Pinterest


Au revoir, my friends!  When I return, I’ll be bringing you pics of the trip (most of which will be of food!).

Oh, yes.  GO PENS!!!

Source: via Consuela on Pinterest

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