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I’m developing a “farmer’s tan” on my feet. 😳 It’s one part embarrassing (everyone will obviously stare at my horribly mis-tanned appendages) and a source of pride (exercise, exercise, exercise!).  Is this a problem many of you have going into the summer sandal season?  I wear ankle socks when I run and walk outside, and I’ve played with the idea of buying the self-bronzing solutions just for my feet/ankles.  Of course, the minute I start to think about those tubes of golden bronze, I flashback to high school and the girl with the orange face.  It wouldn’t be quite so bad since I could hide my neon feet with socks, but it’s a fear that won’t go away.

 With spring and temps come flowers.  Our little back porch garden is coming along quite well.  We have three mini-rose bushes that are definitely hardy and the thyme, rosemary, and succulents survived the mild winter and are thriving.  I was bouncing in anticipation to see my two crawler plants bloom purple amidst their pads of dense leaves by May.

Thyme from last season getting bushy.

I'm trying to grow red potatoes for the first time this year. I planted two small ones in this pot and the leaves are already popping up!

 Until the landscape gardeners for my apartment complex came around and did this.

The whispy bit of leaf that's trying to hold on is all that's left.

 I was furious!  How dare they call themselves gardeners when they can’t even identify a flower!  This poor little guy is struggling to come back and you can see how far it had grown before the “gardener” got to it.  Since it’s still early in the season it has time.  It was disheartening, though, to see the soft mound of leaves thwacked to bits.

 April is one of my favorite months.  The weather warms, winter is long gone and Easter brings giant chocolate bunnies.  April is also our month.  It’ll be our 8th anniversary and we’ve never had the opportunity to go on a honeymoon or do anything special for our previous anniversaries.  This year, though, signals the first year we finally feel financially stable.  Our security in the present is letting us feel some hope for the future (a house, anyone? okay, maybe not yet, but at least we can now dream!).

 So, to celebrate, we’re going to Paris!!


The city of romance will be the perfect place to celebrate our 8 years together.  We’ll be flying out to England on the 14th and staying in Paris for three days that week.  I can’t wait!  We’ll get to see hubby’s family, too, so there’s a lot of exciting things waiting for us this vacation.

Paris.  I’m both excited and very nervous at the same time.  I can read it fairly well, but speaking it?  I think I’ll be doing a good representation of a blank goldfish for the entire three days. 😯 We tried to watch some French Sesame Street and I couldn’t even make out more than one or two words from Cookie Monster!

This is actually really embarrassing since I did take 4 years of French in high school and 2 levels of French in college.  You’d think that I’d be at least a bit more confident in my speaking ability – alas, no.  I’m doing a crash course with my phrasebook and hoping for the best.

What am I looking forward to the most?  These:

Macaron, how I love thee! Let me count thy ways…

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