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It’s a Grey Life

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How to live like a grey and get the most out of your parronts.

  • Be sure to sleep for more than 10 hours every night.  This prepares you for the hard day ahead.

  • 8:30 am Wait for your parront to wake up and prepare breakfast.  If you’re lucky, your parront will be an early riser.
  •  10:30 am: If your parront is like mine, however, this might take some prompting.  Good tip: if your parront won’t wake up quickly enough, then chat at half volume.  This is more effective than at full volume since it makes you look cute and you might get some treats for breakfast.

  •  11 am Let your parront know what you think of this silly diet thing by tossing the freshly prepared breakfast onto the ground whilst giving them a pointed look.  Be sure not to let them see you munching on the yummy carrots and parsnips, though.  That will ruin the effect when they see your messy beak.
  •  2:00 pm: If you’re lucky, your parront will let you play on your swing while they cook a yummy lunch.  Swing, attack the toys and remind your parront that you’re excited about lunch by repeatedly asking what they’re doing in the kitchen.  Hopefully it’s pizza day and you’ll get your own wedge of whole wheat crust!

  •  4:00 pm: Remember: when taking a nap, be sure to be as sweet as possible.
  •  5:00 pm:  Dinner time!  Let your parront know just how much you love your new food by waiting near the food dish door as they scoop out your dinner.  Eat every last pellet and leave the old ones. (Caution:  Chewing on the food bag is a bad idea.)

  • After dinner, preen, grind your beak in happiness and bask in the togetherness your flock exhibits as they watch tv or play games while you watch them from your comfy perch.

  • Repeat. *yawn*

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A girl scribbling her way through health, love, food and life.

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