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My Willpower Successes Day 7

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Let’s get to the listing first, shall we?  🙂

  • I was a bit stressed yesterday at one point, and I could feel the “eat” urge creeping up like the tide at Mont Saint Michel.  I knew exactly why I wanted to eat everything in sight, so I took precautions – prunes or dried plums, for those delicate in nature. I eat about two or three and they’re just sweet enough to cut my cravings and they make you feel full due to their fiber content.  Popped on a Frank Sinatra CD and I was feeling a lot better.  😎
  •  After our slice of stollen (which was planned for, btw), I felt like munching on chocolate.  Squelched that craving by drinking a lot of water and taking a nap – woke up just fine without a craving in sight.
  •  I declined the trip up to the vending machines with my co-workers and instead started munching on my homemade granola bar.

Yesterday was a normal day, really.  Outside of the stress-craving incident, everything about my choices was fairly mundane.

And that brings me to one of my points I’ve learned from this whole week of willpower successes:

 Logging my successes reinforced positive behavior and made me feel good about what I was able to achieve that day.


 The constant attention I was giving to making better choices did mean that I was, well, obsessing over food more than I would have otherwise.

Typically, the more I can ignore sweets, the easier it is for me to make healthier choices.  I put the candy bars and extra cookies in cabinets or the freezer.  The very act of digging them out or defrosting them makes me think twice when healthier options are at hand.

I also (re) learned that when it comes to food, I can make a healthy decision about meal sizes and meal components rather easily, but when it comes to dessert, well, I act like a 4 year old (your slice is larger than mine!).

It’s terrible that I’m still struggling with limiting what’s obviously not healthy, but at least I’ve acknowledged that some dessert is inevitable.  Maybe it’s true what they say about sugar being like a drug.  Still, I’ve come a long way from the free-wheeling eat-all-the-oreos-in-one-sitting days of my not so distant self.

 I’m tempted to keep a log of my successes just to stay motivated for a bit longer.  Don’t worry, I won’t be posting them daily.   😉   Apparently it can take 66 days according to one study to form a new habit.  My week is a drop in the bucket.  I don’t want to get to the point where I totally forgo sweets for things like apples, (unless I develop a love for apples in the meantime), since I find sweets lovely and a happiness inducing necessity in life (okay, so it’s all the temporary chemical releases that’s making me think I’m happy when I’m not, but we’ll ignore that for now).

 Go on, give it a go!  See what your willpower patterns are, and how much we put our willpowers through each day.  No wonder I was so tired this week!

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