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My Willpower Successes Day 6

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I hope I’m not boring people with my lists of mini-successes.  Tomorrow marks day 7, so one more day to go!

It’s been enlightening.  I will do a recap on what I’ve learned on tomorrow’s list, but this is definitely something that everyone should do at least once.  We focus so much on failures that the small, positive things we do get swamped by the negativity generated by the one or two mistakes.

I also want to make something clear:  I’m not out to lose weight.  I’m at a happy weight right now that I’m trying to maintain.  Does my mind know that?  Ha!   😡

My nervous system likes to sabotage my efforts by creating imaginary desires – the cakes, cookies and donuts I’ve been harping on about listing all week.  I know what it’s attempting to do (fill up on calories due to stress and sleepiness), and I need to make sure I don’t cave every single day.  Caving sometimes is in my mantra, but not every day, all the time.

Take today, for example.  I caved to a “cookie sandwich” at work (two cookies with icing).  But instead of eating all of the icing in the middle, I scrapped half of it off and threw it away.  Was I eating a lot of “empty” calories?  Sure.  Was the sugar sticking to the roof of my mouth? You betcha! (and it was yummy!) But I wasn’t eating as many calories as I would if I had indulged n my share of 3 donuts and an apple fritter.  It satisfied my sweet tooth and made me feel like I was being decadent.  That’s the key.

I eat healthily 95% of the time, but I need that 5% to really keep me sane on target.

So, with that in mind, here’s day 6:

  • We had Kashi 7-Grain waffles for breakfast and instead of syrup, I put about a spoonful of peanut butter on mine for added protein.  I had just come in from a 45 minute run, so I knew I’d be hungry later hence the pb.
  •  I had a cheese sandwich for lunch, but I used a 2% American Cheese slice rather than a 2% mild cheddar cheese bar (I find it hard to measure the correct amount with a bar rather than a slice).
  •  I opted for a cookie sandwich rather than a slice of coconut cream pie.  I figured the cookies would give me the same decadent feeling without the added fat and calories of the pie.  (Even though the pie was tempting!)
  •  I ate only half the cream in the cookie sandwich.
  •  I skipped my granola bar and my Kashi Go-Lean yogurt topping for dinner since I had the cookie sandwich and a cupcake from a coworker.
  •  (Exercise Success:  I took advantage of the bizarre 60 deg weather and did a 3.32 mile run.  It felt great!  I love running outside rather than the treadmill, but it’s usually impossible during this time of year.  Not sure if I’ll get to do a short run tomorrow, but I’ll definitely see.)

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