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My Willpower Successes Day 4


Not too many this time around.  Good because there weren’t too many food decisions, but partly bad because I did cave twice.  😦

  • Had peanut butter on toast with my bowl of chili for lunch rather than a cheese sandwich.
  • Split half a Think Thin bar with hubby during break at work rather than buying something at the machines (was tempted to buy a hostess pack, but resisted)
  • Didn’t eat my granola bar since I had the Think Thin bar that day.
  • Wanted donuts (I know, again 😳 ), but came home and had cereal instead.

Notice a pattern here?  Sweets are my definite go-to food for comfort when I’m feeling low (as I was inexplicably yesterday) or stressed (like for time, etc).  We still ate some sweets that day, but at least we didn’t eat quite as many as we might have had if I weren’t being vigilant.  It’s so easy to cave, isn’t it?

Author: iscribbler

A girl scribbling her way through health, love, food and life.

2 thoughts on “My Willpower Successes Day 4

  1. This is true caving in is easy. Try substituting your mid-morning snack or afternoon snack with an apple, peach berries. Also you could try some dark atleast 70-80% dark chocolate it’s actually good for you in small quantities. Best of luck

    • Great ideas! I’ve been thinking about nibbling on dark chocolate at work, but I’ve yet to try it. I want to get my willpower muscles into shape before I try having any type of chocolate sitting at my desk! :mrgreen:

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