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My Willpower Successes Day 3

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Here’s yesterday’s tally:

  • Ate lunch AND dinner at home.  It would have been so easy and tempting to eat out, but we decided to eat in.
  • We split a Blackout cupcake from the Barnes & Noble cafe rather than buying a cheesecake (which I was tempted to do) or two separate desserts (this was hubby’s win since he didn’t feel like his own – yay!  but I also won with this since I really wanted TWO cupcakes just for me).
  • I had my leftover Chipotle burrito from yesterday instead of a new meal.
  • I ate only two JoeJoe cookies rather than three or four.  I wanted more than two, but I kept myself restrained by placing the cookies in a small plate and packing the box away.
  • I ate JoeJoes rather than the stollen I craved.

There were a fair number of what might be considered snack failures yesterday, but I’m going to learn from the good choices I made and build on that for future cravings.  My problem is that I get snacky on weekend nights and it’s hard to keep my hands away from what’s in the house.  I don’t buy a lot of snacks to begin with, but what we do have gets raided come Saturday.  Still, it was a really good weekend considering how bad it could have been for my decision making and willpower.  Like they say, the muscles have to be used to stay in top form! Gotta keep up the good work this week!

(An exercise win yesterday:  I felt like running a mile after my workout and I did.  😀  The temp was in the low 40s and so I grabbed my house key and took off.  It was NOT in the 40s, let me tell you.  It was freezing!  But the run back home was warmer than the run out so it was ok.  I’m just so happy that I did what I felt like doing at the moment and didn’t talk myself into staying home.  It felt good to get out and run!)

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