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My Willpower Successes Day 2

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Here’s the rundown for yesterday (really, really yesterday this time 😉 ):

  • I woke up early and REALLY wanted to just go out and grab donuts.  I struggled with this, but since I had written down yesterday that one success was resolving not to buy any old donut, I was able to stick it out and we ate cereal at home.  Yay!
  • We ate out at a Chinese Buffet for lunch (it was the little party guy’s idea).  So I had only one plate of food and one plate of dessert.  I resisted going back for more food before I had my dessert since 1. I know I love dessert and this place had more variety than usual, and 2. I promised myself that if I was still hungry, I’d get more.  I wasn’t at all hungry after dessert so I was good with only two plates!
  • We didn’t eat the fortune cookies, but brought them home.
  • We had a skinny frappacino at Starbucks that we shared instead of one drink each.
  • We were going to eat at a mexican restaurant yesterday, but since we had such a big lunch, we opted to downsize our dinner (even though it had been ages since we’ve been to this restaurant and it’s my favorite – I didn’t want to just eat there for the sake of it).
  • I opted for a Vegetarian Burrito at Chipotle with no sour cream (I added a bit of fat free Chobani) and no cheese.  I also told the nice lady to not add quite as much rice as they do.
  • I ate only half and saved the rest for later.  (Those things are monsters!  And to think I used to eat the entire thing and then some . . .)
  • I suggested eating a mini-3 musketeer that my mom gave us for Valentine’s Day (this was at 1 am).  But hubby didn’t hear me so I put them down and went to brush my teeth so that I wouldn’t be tempted.  It wasn’t like I even wanted to eat it.  I just wanted to “try” it and that’s where my downfall resides.  😳

Honestly, before I listed all of that, I thought that yesterday was one big failure.  All I could see was the amount of eating out we did and the types of food that was being consumed.  Once I see that I actually did show some restraint and opted for slightly better choices, the day doesn’t look all that bad!  🙂  Not great, mind you, but not bad.  Better than it would have been a couple of years ago and that means improvements! Wooooo!  😀

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