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My Willpower Successes

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You know when you start the day with the best of intentions and it all falls apart because of a single, small miscalculation?

This morning I awoke before my alarm went off.  Even in my drowsy state, I had a sense of anticipation in the pit of my stomach – today was my cholesterol test.

This would be the day where I find out if all of my efforts this past year have really paid off.

I’ve done a lot over the last year to turn our diets and activity levels around.  We eat whole wheat bread instead of white, I’ve swapped steel cut oats for regular instant and we now eat carrots and celery or a big salad instead of oven fries with our lunch sandwiches.

Our fridge doesn’t look like anything like it used to – big containers of plain greek yogurt are a staple and there are bags of ground flax seed and containers of chia seeds waiting to be poured on top of cereals.

Anyway, I decided to do my blood work before I exercised and this created a bigger problem that I failed to anticipate.

Blood work hurts.   😦

My arm felt like it had been stung by an angry bee and it had swollen considerably around the puncture site.  I felt like a drug addict, but without the supposed “high”.  So, I totally wimped out today and took a “rest” day even though this weekend was going to be one of “those” (think birthdays and movies and you’ll know what I’m up against).  I figure after tomorrow’s party I’ll want to exercise, so I’m “okay” with giving myself a day off.

That’s something I have to work on: allowing myself more than one day off.

Still, I took the opportunity to do a speed walk around our work building and ran up and down a few flights of stairs.

I came across something the other day that I want to try doing for a week.  It’s tied in with being good to ourselves and strengthening our healthy resolves.  I don’t know about you, but I have a pretty weak will when it comes to certain things (think anything baked).

What you do is record every time you resist something that is bad for your health.  I really like this idea since it gives you positive reinforcement.  By keeping track of all of the good decisions that can be so hard to make, it’s like a mini-reward every time you jot down another item thereby reinforcing the behavior.   You know what they say about our wills, it apparently weakens as the day goes on, so anything that helps bolster it is good.

So for me, I’ll be focusing on food choices.

Every day I’ll post a quick rundown of the previous days Willpower Successes.

Here are today’s (since I’m writing this on Friday but posting it tomorrow…which is today, so that really should be yesterday’s, but that would be confusing  😛 ) :

  • I craved an “after lunch snack” but had a homemade hot cocoa instead (with skim milk and splenda).
  •  I craved cookies with my cocoa (joe-joe’s to be exact), but I sipped my cocoa and imagined I was indulging in a decadent chocolate bar.
  •  I could have taken all of my regular dinner with me to work even though I knew we were having pizza.  Instead, I left out the granola bar, the clementine and the kashi go-lean and took the carrots with hummus and yogurt.
  •  We tossed around the idea of grabbing donuts tomorrow on our way to my nephew’s birthday party.  We decided in the end that we wouldn’t savor them on the drive up, and we wouldn’t get to buy “the best” donuts.  If we’re going to buy donuts, they’d better be good ones.  So, we’re going to have cereal at home or a homemade granola bar if we’re running late.
  •  We had pizza at work, so I had only two slices (one cheese and one veggie).
  •  I threw away the crust. (I’m counting these as two wins for me!)

Wow! That’s a lot of big choices.  Any one of those could have taken my healthy eating in an unhealthy direction.  I wasn’t quite aware of how many food decisions we make in a day.  It’ll be interesting to see how I do this week and if this helps me to feel more positive and in control.  🙂

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