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Review: Timex T5G941 Heart Monitor Watch

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An athlete.

Two words that would have made me break out in hives years ago.  I was the ultimate wallflower – never really interacting unless necessary and only doing as much exercise as absolutely needed.  Peanut butter jar too tight?  Hand it off to someone else.  Box a bit heavy to lift?  Let others do it for you.  I was so good at being the damsel in distress that others just had to look at me and they’d be automatically doing the dirty work.   (Well, at least some of the time . . . would you believe twice?)

I was a wallflower by choice and I loved it.  Took pride in it even, and I didn’t see myself ever wanting to change.

An athlete.

Today?  I guess you could call me an athlete.  I like to compete, although it’s usually with myself.  I like to push myself and I like to work out.  I get a lot of joy from completing a good run or a really strenuous routine.  I even own a few bits of equipment to help me work even harder.

Do I feel like an athlete?  Not really.  I’m just someone that cares about their health and does whatever it takes to stay healthy.  I’m not doing all of this because I like to be fit and the next scrimmage makes my feet itch.  I’m doing this because by being fit, my body is happy and healthy.

Between you and me?  I would still rather be a wallflower, but only if I could be fit and happy at the same time.  :p  As it is, life tosses you a lot of balls and it’s up to us whether we catch them or let them drop.  I decided to catch this boulder since it seemed foolish to drop it.

I’ve been following a lot of health blogs over the last year or so and one item that I was always envious of was their shiny, complicated-looking Garmin heart monitors.

I’d oogle these big, techie devices strapped to the wrists of a runner and wondered if I had one, would I be an athlete?  They looked really hardcore and I bet that those that wore them had 13.1 stickers plastered all over their cars.  Maybe if I got one, I’d be able to run and love it, too.

So, I moseyed on over to Amazon and typed in Garmin Heart Rate Monitor.

You’ve got to be kidding.  – First thought.

No way!  – Second thought once what I was seeing sank in.

Forget that! – Last thought before I did a simpler search for Heart Monitor.

I was NOT going to spend over a hundred dollars on a device that was simply going to tell me that I failed to run my dream distance and just how badly to boot.

Enter the daintier and cheaper Timex T5G941 Heart Monitor.  Another pressie from a fitness oriented Santa delivery this year.


This little watch clocks in (ha!) at around 30 dollars and it does everything I need it to – it tells the time, it lights up and it records your heart rate and stores the information for later retrieval.

I was worried that it wouldn’t fit on my wrist, but it fits snugly on the last hole, so it’s good for those of you that have small wrists.  It also fits on my hubby, so it works for larger wrists, too.  The chest strap was a bit awkward at first (wearing it took some getting used to, not because it was uncomfortable, but more due to my inexperience with wearing anything like it).  It slips on and off easily and it adjusts to your chest size (again, it fit mine and my hubby’s).


The watch isn’t glitzy like the Garmin, but it does the job.  I just press the on/off button to start it after strapping on the chest strap and it starts right up.  After turning the monitor off, you press the button down again (be sure to hold it down until the watch tells you the info) and it scrolls through your total time, your average and your peak heart rates.  Once you set it going again, it wipes that information, so if you want to keep track of it, you’ll need to write it down before resetting it.

My one gripe with the watch is how easy it is to reset the stored information.  There are times when I forget that I need to hold down the button to view the info and I end up restarting the reading all over again.  I suppose it should teach me to slow down, but I do wish there was some way to retrieve the info and start the watch without the possibility of erasing over it so easily.

The chest strap also starts to “beep” a bit once you get it on and ready.  That’s slightly disconcerting since it’s beeping with your heart beat and it makes me feel like a hospital patient, but I can quickly ignore it once I start exercising.

Other than that, though, it’s perfect for what I need.  It tells me all I need to know and it isn’t too big and bulky.  It’s also relatively inexpensive.  While it doesn’t tell you your speed or your distance, I figure that’s what a calculator and sites such as the USA Track and Field are for.

I’ve yet to wear it throughout the day, just to see what my heart rate does on an ordinary basis, but I just might give it a go soon.  I’d love to know how my heart responds to, say, donuts. 😉

(Note: I wasn’t endorsed or supported in any way for this review by any company, including Timex.  It was a gift from my in-laws Santa and I thank them him for such a lovely present! :) )

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