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Review: My Fitness Coach

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Yikes!  It’s felt like forever since I’ve posted.  Working full time as a part-timer is not something I want to do for long.  Luckily one of my co-workers is returning next week and I have the small hope of going back to my previous schedule.   I’ve been filling in for two of my co-workers and it’s been crazy.  I’ve been handling a three person job all by myself AND trying to keep up with my health and the house.

Can I moan a little bit more?  Methinks so.  😉

A few weeks ago, I moaned talked about how my fitness routine was becoming a bit dull.  A little devil took up residence on one shoulder.  One day it was wearing a smug look and a sparkly new headband I’ve been eyeing and telling me things like “your fitness level is so beyond this routine by now”, and the  next it lazed about in slippers while munching cookies with a “one day off won’t kill you”.

Ha! Not only did I need to exercise more than ever (with my cookie and pie consumption going through the roof), but I definitely wasn’t too good for my routines (as the sore muscles reminded me).

Here’s what my weekly workout was looking like in December:

3 days of strength training + aerobics – usually about a 30 min segment of one of Kathy Smith’s upper body weight workouts twice a week and a 45-60 min cardio workout 3 times a week.

1 day of running – usually 3 miles on the treadmill

1 day of bicycling – usually 50 – 60 min on our stationary at 12- 15 mph with varying intensities

1 day of pilates – typically 30 min sessions, sometimes doubled up

1 day off (this was my yoga day, but that got scrapped once work become “full time” on a temp basis)

This was the same schedule I had kept for a while and it’s a good one – I feel strong and healthy.  It gave me balance and variety, but there were times where I questioned my sanity – was this really something I could do long term?  Was even asking that question making me somehow a failure?

I know that by the middle of December, I was really tempted to cave to that persuasive devil and just take it easy. It was Christmas, right?  If I can’t relax during the holidays, then when?

I’ll have to agree with what I’ve heard others say:  When your heart isn’t it, your routine suffers.  I wasn’t giving it my all and that little devil knew it.  It made it even worse to try again the next day because I had the failure from the day before looming up behind me.

Enough was enough.

I got a lot of wonderful fitness related goodies this year and I’m hyped!  I want to review them here this month so that you can see if perhaps they’ll fit into your own routine.

First up for review:  Wii My Fitness Coach

My hubby got me a Wii for Christmas!  Wooo!  My parents got one about a month before to keep their minds active and they are in love with their system.  Hubby picked up on the “me want” vibes I was broadcasting and got me one of my very own.

It’s white and pretty. See:

It’s a used Wii, but it’s like new.  We went out and bought a couple of games right away:  Super Mario Bros, My Fitness Coach and Wii Sports.


My Fitness Coach is a “game” that has a fitness coach named Maya who guides you through your fitness dreams.

Or, at least, I think that’s what she’s supposed to be doing. Right now, she’s beating me up!

You can input your data – everything from your measurements to your heart rate.  Afterwards, she keeps track of your workout intensities and progress.

After putting in all of my data (taking those measurements were scary!), the game found that I lacked upper body strength and suggested an emphasis on building up that part of my routine.

So, take the other day.  I did an hour of cardio because she recommended it that day.  During the session, she asks you from time to time how that segment went – too hard to too easy.  As you progress, she’ll adapt that portion to suit your level.  And believe me, she definitely does!  I thought it was all a piece of cake the first time through but by the second, I was sweating and almost calling uncle midway.

The cardio section also incorporated upper and lower body exercises so that you’re working those muscles as well.  I like this, but there are times where I just want to do an hour of straight aerobics.  Still, it’s very adaptive to your needs and it even asks you how you’re feeling that day before your session starts.

A silly bit of the game is how additional music and settings are revealed the more your workout.  You start off with 3 different choices for each, and I’ve actually found that I like to swap them depending on my mood that day.

One other aspect is how it asks you about the equipment you own.  I own weights and a heart monitor, so it incorporates that into its assessment and routines.  I still find that I have to use my weights during exercises where it has you do it without, but that’s no problem.

For a game, it’s quite good.  I love the variety of activities, although it can get a bit stuck on a select few sometimes (the sheer amount of pushups it had me do was ridiculous!).  I’m working it into my routine a couple of times a week since it gives me variety in my cardio – I love Kathy Smith’s workouts, but I’ve done them so often this past year that I was welcoming the change.

I’d look for a used copy of this – I got mine at a Half Price for about $8.  It isn’t the magic bullet to fitness success, but it is a great addition to a collection of fitness routines you can easily do at home.

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