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End of the Month Photo Roundup – December


December – How fast it all goes.

One day it’s Thanksgiving and then suddenly we’re packing up decorations, weaning ourselves off sugar (unsuccessfully and painfully), and trying to scrape together some sort of “new year” resolution that sticks.

I don’t know about you, but I want my December back.

I want to relive my fun trip to the zoo where the lions roared, but we thought it was a recording.

I mean come on! Does that look like a lion that just roared? Sleeeeepyyyyy....

Where you can toss your trash into these nifty mini-compactors (how sad is it that I wanted to make trash to see how this thing worked?).

Isn't it swish?? I'd love to have one in my kitchen. No more taking out the trash for weeks on end!

The decorated tree is down and even though I don’t want to see another for a good year, I do miss our decorations.

Happy snowmen are a must.

So are happy cupcakes. For who has ever heard of sad cupcake?

And a happy whale. What? You don't have a blue whale as a christmas decoration?

So with the advent calendar tossed in the trash and the tree dismembered and packed away, I’m ready for 2012 and whatever craziness, happiness and temptations it throws at me.   And without further ado, here’s my wish list for 2012:

2012, Here I come!

  1. I hope to allow myself more leniency and not beat myself over every little transgression.  This applies to my personal life, my work life and, more frequently, my health(y) life.
  2. I want to continue the exercise and health goals I set for 2011.  I want to keep me as the focus and remember that if I let my inner cookie monster win, we’ll be right back into 2009, overweight and unhealthy.
  3. I plan to build my relationship with myself.  This means tapping into bits of me that I’m scared of, or that I’ve ignored.  That paint set that my hubby thoughtfully bought me last year?  Picasso, roll over right now because I’m moving in!
  4. Balance will be my keyword this year.  Balance in all areas of my life.  What will it take to get to that point?  No clue, but I plan to at least keep it in my sights.  It might get a bit foggy and I might have to take a roundabout or two, but my final destination is set.


Author: iscribbler

A girl scribbling her way through health, love, food and life.

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