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Eat. Live. Be. for a Better 2011 – What I learned this year part 2

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My Update:  This week has been like a bag of pick ‘n mix.

It’s been a “quasi-binging toffee” here and a “double 3 mile run hot red” there.  I’ve had “highly motivated chocolate” days while others were more “bummed out butterscotch”.

I’m not quite sure why it’s all up and down this last week, but it’s chipping away at my motivation.

Don’t get me wrong.  I’m still motivated to exercise and be healthy even while eating two donuts and a piece or three of delicious stollen.

What’s becoming affected is my will to exercise.  My enthusiasm is slowly leaking out of me like a melted Junior Mint.

I can bully myself into doing the routines and usually once I get started I find myself completing them just fine.  But I don’t want to have to kick myself into a routine in order to do it.  I want to leap into my exercise clothes and bounce around the house like I used to.  Now, all I can think about is how much more sleep I could be getting if I didn’t wake up so early and how I’d love to just sit there and veg in front of the computer checking blogs than lift weights.

Perhaps it’s the season.  Perhaps it’s the fact that I’ve been doing this for a year and I’m starting to get worn down.  Perhaps it’s a fluke and I’ll be all up and at ‘em come New Year.  I just wish I felt more pep than I currently do so that my exercise times become my ME times again.  Fun times.

 iChallenge Week 50 Topic: What I learned this year part 2

Last week, I talked about how I learned to re-love old hates.  Things like natural peanut butter, 100% whole wheat bread and asparagus were put back on the menu after a very long banishment.  My tastes have been changing and I’m liking it. Rather than sink into predictability, my brain is rewiring itself to this new lifestyle – something I didn’t expect at all.

Something else I didn’t expect was how I would react to my new “me”.

Starting back in January, I never really thought of myself as “fat” per se.  I knew I wasn’t in the skinny range, but my dress size was about “normal” and I honestly thought that I would never be any size than I was.  I even told the doctor that I “watched what I ate” and that I couldn’t imagine why it was that I couldn’t lose weight (after she told me to drop a few pounds to help out my cholesterol).

Ha!  What a laugh.  😛  Looking back on the old me, I can easily spot where I was going wrong.

  • Too large portion sizes – I was eating a cup and a half of white rice with my stir fry and all of my fries at fast food restaurants.  Now I eat about a half cup of brown rice with a lot of veggies. And I cut my fries down when I know they exceed 300 cals a portion.
  • Too many carbs – I still struggle with this, but I do limit my portions of pasta and other carbs that are unnecessary.  Place a sweet bun within eye sight, though, and you can kiss that bun goodbye (I REALLY need to work on this, but it’s so hard.  😡  )
  • Too little protein – I was eating all the time and large portions of it, too, but it was mostly empty calories.  While I was eating a lot of cheese (and still love my cheddar and mozzarella), I found that my protein levels weren’t sustaining me through the day.  Now I snack on peanut butter and Kashi Go Lean or greek yogurt.  I make sure that all of my meals have a source of protein as well.
  • Still too much processed foods – Prior to my doctor’s appointment, I was making great strides in cutting out processed foods from our pantry and diet.  Even so, there were still things in there that just needed to go – like instant ramen and soups.  Over the year I’ve been able to cut them out of our diet and we’re eating a lot more whole/natural foods rather than processed foods.

These changes didn’t happen overnight.  I remember the first time I cut down on my carbs – I thought for sure that I couldn’t survive the night due to the hunger pangs.  So I learned my lesson and didn’t try to starve myself but adapt.  Little by little, I made small changes.  I didn’t strike everything out and go cold turkey.  We weaned ourselves  off bad habits and instituted new habits that left us feeling better and more satiated.

So, the biggest thing I’ve learned this year? To be honest with myself.  Not in the cruel sort of way that wears you down, but in the critical way that doesn’t hide the truth because you want to think you’re doing everything right.

Look at what’s actually happening in your life, evaluate and make changes.

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