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End of the Month Photo Round-up – November

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November ended on a cold note.  Fingertips are tingling and sweaters are frizzing and I’m packing my warm mitten ice scrapper in my bag.  I’m glad it’s finally December and the temperatures are matching the season.  I’ll miss those warm days and beautiful walks, but I’m looking forward to hot chocolate and chocolate covered popcorn on the couch with a good movie.

(source and a nice review)

I was able to take a few pics this month even though every day felt hectic and rushed.  I’m beginning to grasp this runaway train by the caboose and hold on.  After being dragged for a few weeks, it feels good to have a few days here and there where I feel like I triumphed over time and chores.  The hubby has been a real help this month with  doing ends and pieces that don’t require my exact attention.  The biggest difference?  I’ve learned to let go.  If those dishes don’t get done before we’re out the door?  Well, they’ll still be there when I get back and I can do them before bed. 🙂  No biggie!

I’m also almost done with Christmas shopping!  I don’t know about you, but I LOVE to shop for presents.  It’s a lot of fun to think up items to buy that match the person.  I know it’s crazy and some hide under the covers (literally in my hubby’s case), but I love to go out shopping on Black Friday! I go to my local mall rather than the big box stores, and I did the mall thing again this year even though I knew I would have to go into work later that day.  There’s something exhilarating about being out at 5 am and shopping with everyone with one goal in mind: Presents!  I love this time of year.

Eddy got his present a bit early this year.  We’ve always bought him something special and this year it’s a triangle swing.  Methinks he likes:

This month also saw a first for us:  we won a raffle!  Our apartment had a turkey raffle for Thanksgiving and I thought, what the hey!  I’ll just fill out the slip and no harm done.  We’ve never won anything and I had zero expectations.  In fact, when our housing manager called us, I thought perhaps there was a problem.  Ended up we won a 12 pound turkey and a $25 gift card to our local grocery!  Woo-hoo! Now that deserves some thanks!

Hubby's dinner: turkey, gravy, roast potatoes and brussel sprouts

We roasted the whole shebang on Saturday since there was too much turkey already being consumed on Thanksgiving at my parents’ house.  We bagged the leftovers and he now has enough for 9 more meals! 🙂

"Woah! Now that's a big bird!" - My mother's finches

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