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Eat. Live. Be. for a Better 2011 – Trying Out New Exercises

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My Update:  Well, this week has been an eyeopener.  I stepped on the scale before lunch on Thanksgiving and noted an increase in weight.  Seeing as how this increase happened over a week, I don’t know what to make of it.  Either this is “real” weight or something more like “water” weight or “hormone” weight.  I’m going to keep an eye on things, though, and try to make smart changes in my food choices.

We’ve been buying a lot of junk lately and I’ve loosened the reigns on what we were eating.  We had a good discussion about money and food on our drive back home from Thanksgiving and I think we’ll try out some of our ideas.

We plan to:

  • only spend about $30 in a month’s time on restaurant/dessert food.  No more.  We’ve been clocking a lot more than that, and it will be good to get a grasp on saving the money again rather than lining our waists with it.
  • have our snacks but split them.  We did really well this weekend with splitting a sweet bun and having pineapple.  I decided not to bake anything and eat more of what’s in the freezer.  We have so much in the freezer that things fall out when I open the door. 🙄

We’ll see how things go!  Christmas season can be one big temptation, so we’ll have to be really disciplined.

iChallenge Week 48 Topic:  Trying Out New Exercises

You know how you have this perk or amenity and yet you just never get around to taking advantage of it?  Like the pool at a hotel or that bit of cheese that the airlines place on your plate for a “snack”? (Well, you can skip the cheese – take it from me, it’s gross and an insult to cheese.  Why can’t we fly on airlines that give out Biscoff??)

Well, at our apartment we have a fitness center.  It’s not on our property, but it’s close.  However, for the last couple of years, we’ve never bothered to seek it out.  Some excuses that floated about included it being “too difficult” to mess with and “too far” to go.  Ends up that it’s less than five minutes away and incredibly easy to find.

To be honest, I envisioned a cramped room with bad ventilation.  I saw school-issued dressing rooms and mysterious gunk on machine handles.  What we actually got was this:

That's a mirrored wall opposite and a flat screen tv that we could adjust.

There were weight machines, a bike, four treadmills and an elliptical!  The changing rooms had plush chairs and even a sauna!  I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw all that was available to use and for free!  (Well, as free as rent goes.)

It also had a scale that we both promptly used – both of us weren’t too happy with what we saw.  Seeing as how it was a mechanical weight scale (you know, those blighted things found at the doctor’s office), we figure we have to believe what it says rather than hoping for a wonky reading.

We plan to weigh ourselves once a week on that scale and see what happens.  Hopefully we’ll see those pesky weight bars move down and not up.  There’s something so final and real about clunking that weight around that the digital just doesn’t live up to.

Anyway, I was quite keen to get on the elliptical since I’ve never done one before.  Yesterday, I ran 4.5 miles (wooo!) and thought that I could handle the elliptical just fine.


Talk about pathetic.  My legs and bottom felt like they had been run through the ringer after only 25 minutes.  Hubby opted for the treadmill and a good walk.  We both decided that 25 min was all that we could handle today.  I felt muscles go sore and stiff that I didn’t even know existed.  It’s not like I do the same routines – I run, I bike, walk, do aerobics and even aeroboxing.  But the elliptical seems to move the body in such a way that is different from any other movements involved in the other exercise techniques.

How did I feel about this?


I wasn’t feeling quite as challenged by my routines lately.  They still give me a good workout, but they aren’t like how they affected me back in January.  I needed something to re-jig my routine and the fitness center gave me just that!  The hubby really liked his routine as well and we plan to go back on the weekends all through winter.  Now I can still keep up with my running and shake things up a bit with a new machine!  Definitely worth the experience.

So, if you have access to such amenities and you’re not taking advantage of it, take my advice and give it a go.  You just might be surprised and it might just be the thing you need to make exercising more exciting! 🙂

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