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Salt Attack!

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Would it be gross to say that I feel like a salted slug today?

Okay, yes, it would.

Horribly gross and disgusting, and I should apologize.

But it’s so true. 😕

We went out for lunch with my parents today, and we tried out a new restaurant that cooks the food at your table.

This was one quarter nifty and new and three quarters horribly awkward and off-putting.

There was a lot of clanging, tossing, and slapping of knives that was totally unwarranted when coupled with a pile of diced onions, carrots and mushrooms.  I don’t mind a bit of theatrics, heck, I do a good show when I have to cut a butternut squash.  Course, when I do it it’s because I’m trying to avoid cutting my hand off.

Still, I can handle the noise and excitement.  That’s not really a problem.

What was the problem, was the sheer amount of butter, oil and salt used on the food.

Dash was just a figment of this chef’s imagination.  Dash was more like pour and I sat in sheer shock when he started pouring it over everything.

And I mean everything.  Veggies, rice and noodles.  The whole shebang was pickled in salt.

Grant it, I don’t cook with salt.  I only add it to baked goods and even then I tend to use less than called for.  But while I was mentally prepared for some unhealthiness (it was a lunch out, you know), I wasn’t ready to face the quantity of it.

If Iknew what was coming, I would have stopped the man and begged off the salt pickling.  As it was, I was too frozen at the sight that I just sat there wide-eyed.

It didn’t stop at the salt, either.

There was at least 4 tbsp of garlic butter and numerous pourings of oil every time an ingredient was added to the grill.

Needless to say, I ate only half and took the rest home.

Was the food good, sure.  But it was salty and it wasn’t anything I couldn’t cook at home.

Was the experience worth it?  Actually, yes. 🙂   I now know the power of actually “seeing” the ingredients and the cooking process.  Usually all of this happens back in the kitchen, like a magical kingdom hidden behind “that door”.  Meal ordered and a short time later, voila!  You note the saltiness, but you don’t really think about how MUCH salt was actually used.

Seeing it makes it real and it makes me more conscious of how unhealthy eating out can really be.  It’s up to me to gauge what’s acceptable and when to stop.

Now, if I can just keep this entire experience in mind when we go to the buffet tomorrow, I’ll be good. 😉

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