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Eat. Live. Be. for a Better 2011 – Work Food


My Update:  I had an 8 hour orientation today for my new job.  This involved a lot of smiling, nodding and so much  general pleasantness that I’m tired.

Oh, yes, and cute shoes:

Blowfish Naina Flats


Which got wet because it poured once I arrived.  Still, they survived without damage, so all’s good!

I also had the unfortunate embarrassment of having my stomach growl right before we were let out to get lunch.  Why does this have to always happen to me?  Others can be starving and not have a stomach that wants to vocalize it for all and sundry to hear.  Why can’t mine?

Add to that the one person I happened to be sitting next to was one of those people that don’t think you’ve noticed your own tummy growling and has to helpfully proclaim it out loud.

Le sigh.

This weekend involved a Chocolate Festival.  It was sugar coma inducing yumminess all around.  We ate our weight in chocolate (well, okay, that would be 1. not possible and 2. gross, but it certainly felt that way).

Our stash that we brought home. This doesn't include all that we ate while there.

Need I say more? 😀

I tried my best to calculate what I ate, but I’m resigned to the calories being above and beyond even a “bad” day around here.  Still, it’s not like this is anything remotely normal, so it was a fun day out and a good time.  Just with lots and lots of chocolate. 🙂

iChallenge Week 43 Topic:  Work Food

No matter what shift you work, you’re more than likely needing to eat something while you’re there.  I’m working part time, but it still interferes with one of my meals so I’ll need to eat.

Knowing what to eat is very important and choosing the best option is critical.

  • I have to take into account the protein and fiber levels of the foods involved so that I stay full for longer.
  • I need to be sure that I also have the right calorie count so that I don’t sabotage my efforts.
  • I also want my lunch to be “fun” so that means having something that I can view as a “treat”.

So, with all that in mind, here’s an overview of what I’ll be packing:

  1. A homemade granola bar
  2. Cut carrots (have to get my veggies!) with hummus
  3. A pot with brown rice and curry (either a lentil or bean curry) OR
  4. A pot of plain greek yogurt and a pot of kashi go lean to mix in

I’m going to start with that and see how it goes.  I’m hoping that my food choices are a good balance.  I think I have the whole grains down pat, plus the protein and the veggies to even things out.

Tomorrow is my first official day, so here’s for the best! 🙂

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2 thoughts on “Eat. Live. Be. for a Better 2011 – Work Food

  1. Planning for lunch is definitely key to having a successful day of eating! I know once I mess up or indulge too much during the day, it’s over. I feel so guilty that I eat badly the rest of the day! I think your lunch sounds great!

    • Yesterday, I ended up not even having the time to eat my main “meal” of rice and lentils! They had me busy and I just had time to eat my carrots and granola bar. I think I’ll have to revise it a smidge to account for how long it takes to get to the canteen and whether I can bother. 🙂

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