Charting life's circuitous path



I started this blog during a time when I was trying to decide what to do with my life.

I was overweight, had high cholesterol and triglycerides.

I had a job that I couldn’t find joy in performing anymore.

I had finally decided to quit said job and venture into the unknown – unemployment.

I wasn’t quite prepared for how “cast out to sea” this would make me feel. It was more than just being worried about finances (although that was a bit of it).  It was not knowing where I was headed or how I was going to get there.

Through it all, though, I always had the support of my hubby.

Cutting our wedding cake

He never made me feel like I was doing the wrong thing.  Instead, he encouraged me to try out new professions – I danced with the idea of starting my own business until I realized that this would require a lot of self-motivation.   I’m super good at coming up with ideas, but a total fail at actually getting around to doing them. 😐

Still, I looked around, and tried out a new temp job outside of teaching and found out that I loved it.

I also settled more comfortably into myself – I lost weight, revamped my eating habits, exercised more and even started meditating!

And now?

In another week, I’ll be starting a new job.  🙂

I’ll be working in the same department as my hubby.  We’ll be going to work together and coming home to Eddy together.

The little prince

It’s a REAL job – not temporary.  Not “will I have my contract renewed or not” type of job.  But a real, (albeit part-time) job.  With partial benefits (which I’ve never received), a boss (scary!), and the possibilty of advancement and raise in pay (where’s the smelling salts??).

I’ve never had a real job before. 😯

So, in celebration, I went out and bought a new purse:


Isn’t it adorable??  I’ve been looking for a new fall purse for ages and I was so happy to see this bag over the weekend.  When I went back for it (after interview success!), it was 25% off!  It was like the purse was celebrating with me! 😉

And I’m going to get a new haircut:


I’ve never been to an actual hair salon before in my life so I’m really anxious about it.  But I promised myself that I would take the leap and get my hair cut professionally and what better timing than now?  😀  I don’t look exactly like the girl in the pic, but close enough that I think I can pull it off.  (Click the source link to see what the side and back looks like.)

So, onward and outward!  I’m really excited to see what’s in store for me, and I’m loving every minute.  I’ve learned so much this last year.  I can’t wait to share the new adventure with you, if you care to stay a while? 🙂

Author: iscribbler

A girl scribbling her way through health, love, food and life.

2 thoughts on “Pathfinding

  1. Good luck with the job, it’s great that you have a supportive hubby. Eddy is toooooooo cute

    • Thank you! I’m really excited since it’s so different from what I’m used to.
      Eddy is definitely a sweetie! He’s eating an almond for a treat right next to me. 🙂

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