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Eat. Live. Be. for a Better 2011 – Preparation for Fall Exercising

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My Update: The mindfulness exercises are going well.  Currently I’m keeping a journal with all of my reflections post-meditation.  This is actually a great practice since it allows me to put into words what’s floating around my head during a particular exercise.  I try to summarize what I felt and any particular emotions.

At the moment, my exercise has instructed that I record all of my “unpleasant” thoughts/emotions. Well, almost all of them.  For the last five days, I’ve recorded about  7 major events (ones that I actually remembered clearly at the end of the day).

Not as bad as what the Glamour survey indicated was the average, but still not that great.

I was a bit reluctant to record my “unpleasant” thoughts, but it’s actually been very enlightening.  I have gained a better perspective on what the thought actually is and how I physically respond to it.  I’m quite eager to see what the next exercise instructs me to do with my list.

Oh, yes.

And I ran 2.75 miles for the first time in my life last Wednesday.  😀

iChallenge Week 36 Topic: Preparing for Fall Running

Saturday’s Temp: 100 F

Monday’s Temp: 63 F

Anyone else think that’s crazy?

I live in a state where transition in seasons is a foreign concept.  Weather just happens around here.  One day you have a hot, humid summer day and the next you’re wearing your fleece and sipping hot cocoa.

I sometimes really wish that we had periods of acclimatization where our blood gets to thicken from its thin state and we aren’t dropped like scalding spinach into a vat of ice water.

Still, I did notice a few things with the change in temps.

  1. I suddenly feel like buying a pumpkin.  It’s almost an uncontrollable urge to prop up round, orange pumpkins on my wall and to bake pumpkin treats with cinnamon and sugar.  Like this.
  2. People are appearing outside and they’re exercising.  For the last few months, it’s been me and a few ambitious sorts.  Now, it’s like everyone has found their sneakers and realized that it’s fun to run.
  3. I’m freezing.  Absolutely freezing.  I went to the grocery today sans sandals (which is so very sad I could have cried when I forced my feet into actual shoes for the first time since May) and wrapped up in my fleece.  While torturing myself over the baked goods (I always look but never buy), a man walked by and told me that I looked freezing.  I suppose rubbing my hands together and puffing on them was a bit of a give-away.
  4. Little Debbie has started putting their Pumpkin Delights in stores.  I saw them today and barely resisted.  They’re really not that great, but they are tied in with my childhood and good memories.  At 150 cals and 5 g of fat, I think I can (hopefully) pass on them.
  5. The cold makes me want to curl up on the couch with a blanket and cocoa rather than run.

And that’s where the problem lies.  Cold and running.  Running while cold.

When you step outside in your fall gear, you feel the sharp wind, and the gray skies adds an extra chill.  For me, this doesn’t invigorate me for a good run.

So, I have to “talk” myself into it and I have to plan ahead.

Tips for getting yourself out the door when it’s chilly outside.

Image from

  1. Remind yourself that your body will definitely warm up once you get started.  Sure you’re shaking in your shoes as you start out the door, but just give it a minute or two and you’ll be glad that it’s 58 F outside and not the stifling 90 F of a week ago.
  2. Read up on encouraging articles that detail how to dress for cooler runs.  Note that they offer suggestions for below freezing weather and take heart that 58 F will feel like the tropics in comparison.
  3. Having read said encouraging articles, dig out your usual running shorts but add an extra large t-shirt (or other light layer) to wear over your exercise gear.  Think of it as 2 layers and you’ll feel marginally warmer (ignore the voice that tries to be a killjoy by stating that it’s actually 1 layer and a big, floppy one at that).
  4. Do a quick reality check:  What’s the temp outside?  58 F. Could I just do exercises indoors?  Sure.  Will this be a good idea?  No, because I’ll be forced to doing them indoors once the actual cold weather hits and I don’t want to go stir-crazy too soon.  Have I ever gotten a cold due to running in cooler weather?  No.  So there’s nothing to fear right?  Right.

As Nike loves to proclaim:  Just do it.

Here’s to my run tomorrow!  Hoping to match my 2.75 but I won’t stress if I fall short.  A run is a run after all!

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