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Eat. Live. Be. for a Better 2011 – Keeping Perspective

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My Update:  I’ve noticed a couple of things this weekend.

  1. I love to eat sweets on the weekends with my hubby.  It makes our weekend enjoyable and special.  It also means that my calorie count is a bit higher come weekends versus during the week.  There’s something about sweets and the hubby that makes me let loose.  And I like that. 🙂
  2. Since I have a low calorie count all week, I don’t feel too bad about the high count days during the weekend.  Then again, I also know that I can hop onto the bike and work off some of it with a few routines even if it’s already 10 pm and I’m tired.
  3. Perhaps this inclination to bike it off isn’t quite as healthy as it sounds . . .

iChallenge Week 34 Topic:  Keeping Perspective

At the moment, I’m in the middle of scanning in old childhood pictures for archival.  In these pics, I’m perhaps 5 or 6 and in none of them am I overweight.  I’m downright skinny, actually.  Happily, I don’t remember much about how I viewed my body at this time.  I just remember loving to run around and be a tomboy.

Now, I often think to myself that I’ve never been at a happy weight my entire life.  Memories that are more recent and easily accessible dominant and taint my body.  I remember fitting into clothes 6 times the size of what I wear now and regularly eating burritos and fried fries.  I cringe at how I used to blame my body for all my social ills.  These more painful thoughts overshadow the carefree and life-loving times I must have enjoyed as a child.

This weekend someone told me that I was “wasting away”.  I’ve heard various themes on this such as “there’s nothing left” and “you don’t have a stomach”.  Neither of these statements are said with malice since they are from people that care about my welfare.  However, having said that, I was a bit taken aback when the word “wasting” was used.  Was I really wasting away?  Was that how people saw me? Like I was diseased or sick?

One of my goals for ELB is to fall back in love with my body – to begin seeing it as something to love rather than despise.

Hearing that I was “wasting away” made me think that I wasn’t treating my body well.  Perhaps I was overdoing things?  Perhaps I had miscalculated how healthy I really was and instead I was letting my distorted body image rule my decisions?

This really bothered me.  I thought about it from many different angles, but no matter how I viewed it, the end product seemed negative.

I didn’t have anything to say to the person in response.  I could have made a really strong comment or pushed it aside with a bit of wit.  As it was, I just stood there with a half-smile frozen on my face, mind stuck in slush trying to comprehend what I was hearing.

And there I was, really happy about my weight for the first time since I was  waist high. I had just stepped off the scale that morning beaming from ear to ear – I was at a weight that I would like to maintain.

I have movability and forgiveness on the scale that I’ve never had before.  I fit into clothes that I’ve never dreamed I could wear, and I walk with confidence rather than with shame.  I still enjoy exercising, but I’ve found a pattern and frequency that gives me a level of fitness that’s easy to maintain and keeps me fit.

In a way, I’m glad I didn’t confront the person about their comment.  I don’t think I was in a position to fully appreciate where I was with my weight.  I was definitely happy, but I didn’t have a clear idea of what that happiness entailed until I was faced with the negative side of the coin.  The comment forced me to think about where I was and how I viewed myself.

And wasting away was far from it.



More whole than I had ever been before in my life.

If given the chance, that’s what I would say back.

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