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Eddy’s First Vet Trip.

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The day started off bright and sunny.  Mommy woke up early (8 am) to go for a run.  I went to sleep with Daddy on my bedroom perch until Mommy came back home.  YAWN.  It’s tough being a bird sometimes!

After mommy woke up daddy to get ready (I wonder why?), she took me into the kitchen for breakfast.

She gave me some carrots to munch on while she prepared some food.  I like to sit there and watch her cook, but sometimes I can be sneaky.  See that black water bottle right behind me?  Well, let’s just say that it just might have been a matter of beak meeting bottle that sent mommy cleaning up water from the floor.  But she loves me so much that she didn’t blame me for it – said it was her fault for leaving it there.  Isn’t she nice?

After she was done preparing breakfast, we all moved into the dining room to have cereal.  I put on my cutest look and daddy gave me a tiny piece of Quaker Oatmeal Squares – yummy!

But wait!  What’s that thing sitting by the front door?

I think I remember that!  Didn’t I go into that when I went to grandma’s house two years ago?  Hmmm….

Definitely something going on here – why am I in here? This isn’t my bed!

The car!  I wonder why we’re in here?  I’m sure glad mommy is here with me in the backseat.  She talked to me the entire time and I whistled back to her.  Daddy drove and I clung on for dear life – these things move fast!

We finally arrived (it felt like ages even though it was only 8 minutes), and they took me into this small building.  Inside, there were more birds like me!  They were caged, too, and I looked around nervously.  Why are we here??

They took me into a small room where a nice lady asked all sorts of questions.  She wanted to know how long I was with mommy and daddy and if I had any issues. Then she left us alone and we waited…

A very nice man came in and looked at me very carefully.  He said that I looked really good!  You betcha I look good! That’s because mommy gives me a bath every other day.  I love my baths!  They talked about a lot of stuff and I only caught a few words…nails…something about a beak…oh, dear.  I have a bad feeling about this!

The nice man (or so I thought!) told my mommy and daddy to go wait in the waiting room while they “complete the examination”.

I don’t remember very much about the exam except that I was scared!  I let them know, too, until they quieted me down.  When it was all over, they had trimmed my beak and given my nails a clipping!  I felt like a new bird, but I sure was tired.  I went right to sleep once I got home.

I almost missed my follow-up call but mommy’s happy “yay!!” let me know that I must be one healthy bird!  I have to go on a low fat diet, though, so no more peanut butter on toast.  😦 I’m so disappointed, but I do get more fruits and veggies for breakfast!  I can’t wait to see the cereal and veggies mommy buys for me tomorrow!


Mommy:  Apparently, the vet told us that he had a bit of “beak rot” on the left side of his beak.  This scared me since I had never heard of it before, and he said that it could be a sign of another problem like liver disease.  I was so worried when we got home and felt so bad for not taking him to the vet earlier that I could hardly stand to wait for the follow-up call.

Btw, looking up diseases and health issues online can be horribly stressful.  When I googled Beak Rot, I got back so many horrible and deadly diseases! I got myself all worked up reading about it that it was such a relief when we got the phone call.

Luckily, he’s in great health!  He just needs a low fat diet and a limit on sticky foods.  I’m going to be cooking his breakfast every morning.

I cannot stress how important it is to find a good avian vet and to take your pet bird for a checkup.  We found ours through The Association of Avian Veterinarians.  We’re lucky that ours is only 8 minutes away!  Definitely worth the money and the time since we would never had known that our little guy had any problems.  Plus it’s a relief to know that he’s healthy and happy. 🙂

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