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Cooling off with Fruit Cream Anmitsu

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If you live anywhere within 2/3 of the US, you’re experiencing the same suffocating heat and humidity that we were today.

That wasn't even the high!

With temps like that, I am forever thankful for the central air conditioning we have in our house.  My aunt and uncle do not have air, and I couldn’t imagine having to sweat through the day and night in these kinds of temperatures.

So, to help us through the heat, I put together a little dessert that not only is refreshing but takes advantage of all of the fruit sitting in my kitchen.

Fruit Cream Anmitsu

(With a few alterations for the western palate – or at least, my hubby’s.)

Regular anmitsu contains agar, a sweet sauce, fruit and red beans (azuki).  It’s a lovely variation of the fruit salad, and I prefer it to the regular fruit salad found in the US.  The flavors and textures are varied and they meld perfectly together. Not to mention, I love anything that features azuki.

The hubby, however, not so much.  He doesn’t quite get my “bean thing” I have for azuki.  He’ll eat it, but he isn’t going to be requesting it over a chocolate donut any time soon.    Me, on the other hand, would jump at the chance of eating virtually anything with azuki in it, on it, or next to it.  It reminds me of my childhood, homemade sweets and a wonderful simplicity that I can only fleetingly touch when I bite into the sweet bean paste.

So, I used yokan in place of the azuki paste.

Can you spot the error I made in this photo?

He also isn’t quite so keen on agar.  Again, it’s one of those “I’ll eat it if you give it to me, but I wouldn’t dream of asking for it otherwise” sorts of things.  Considering how dominantly the agar features in regular anmitsu, I knew that this might be pushing the limit.  So, again, yokan saved the day!  It’s jelly and azuki all in one.  Gotta love it when you can double-dip!

The fact that anmitsu is also served with soft gyuhi mochi wasn’t a factor at all in my decision.  Nope.  No siree.  No late-night mochi eaters in this house!  And it sure weren’t my eyes that gleamed when they came across an easy microwavable recipe for gyuhi mochi.

I’m not fooling you, am I?

Did the hubby like it?  Yep. 🙂  He ate everything and even had an extra piece of gyuhi!

Fruit Cream Anmitsu

Just the right balance of sweet, fruit and cream.

(Note: You can find the original recipe from Cooking with Dog.  I love her method of showing you how to cook Japanese recipes.  I altered the recipe to fit my hubby’s palate, but the original recipe sounds exceptionally yummy!  My alterations are in red.)


  • 1 naval orange, peeled and cut into bite sized pieces
  • 4 strawberries, cored and sliced
  • 1 small package of yokan, sliced
  • 2 small bowls

Directions: Split ingredients into two and arrange in small bowls.  Leave room for the ice cream!

Gyuhi Mochi Ingredients

  • 3 tablespoons mochiko
  • 1/4 cup water
  • 2 packets of Splenda


  1. Whisk all ingredients together in a microwavable bowl.  Make sure there aren’t any lumps.
  2. Place in microwave and cook on high for 1 minute.  Stir with a wooden spatula to mix ingredients.  Place back in microwave and cook again for 40 seconds.
  3. Stir with spatula and take note of its stickiness.  If it starts to look smooth and sticky (not quite translucent and not pasty) then it’s done.  Be sure not to over cook it.  If it needs more time, pop back into the microwave for 20 seconds.  (I cooked it only three times in total and it turned out just fine.)
  4. Turn out onto a plate with a bit of corn starchFlatten to about a half inch and let cool.
  5. When cool, cut into 1 inch pieces.


  1. Scoop some ice cream into the prepared bowls.
  2. Top with a couple of pieces of gyuhi mochi (I gave hubby three in total but I had about 5 on mine.  I was left with 3 pieces that I had later with some green tea. Yum! 🙂

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