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We have had a very busy June.  Between visits from family and having to work another project, we haven’t been home much.  This, coupled with a pretty heavy molt, meant that Eddy wasn’t a happy camper.  And boy did he let us know it after things went back to normal.

Grumpiness ruled the day.  He opted to annoy my husband as often as possible.  There were dive-bomb beak incidents and multiple carpet chewing escapades that seemed to go on for hours.  There was more noise making versus word speaking, and he seemed to be taking it out on his feathers more and more (the ill-timed molt wasn’t helping matters).

Most of this happened while I was at work.  He was typically a little angel around me at night.  Sitting quietly on his perch and from time to time calling out to me when I left the room.  I noticed that his goodby calls when we left out the front door were becoming tinged with an edge of something.

The poor little guy wanted his flock back home and back to normal.

It took a couple of weeks, but he’s finally showing signs of normality.  In a lot of ways, I’ve missed him, too.  He’s an important part of our family, and we do everything together.  If it’s nap time in our house, he naps on his bedroom playpen with us.  If we eat dinner, he has a special position right behind the dinner table chair where he gets tidbits off our plates.  If we’re watching tv on the couch, he takes the stillness as cue to preen and snatch a snooze.

We had a lot of fun while we hung out with family, but it’s good to remind oneself that there’s another little guy that misses us every time we do.


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