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Eat. Live. Be. for a Better 2011 – Challenge 24

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My Update:

The hip flexor is B-Ok!  Not quite A-Ok, but I can now do low impact aerobics, run, bike and stretch.  After a little over 5 weeks, I’m finally back to exercising about an hour a day.

How did I get to this point?  Patience. Tons of it.

  • I rested at least a week and a half with no exercise or stretching.  I waited until I could move without pain before I started anything (this included walking).
  • I stretched daily with a standing yoga routine.
  • I used MSM cream all over the affected area twice a day.
  • I didn’t do any impact exercise until my leg was pain free – this took over 2 weeks (more like 3 weeks) and it was a slow incorporation (one or two days a week) .
  • I did upper body work while I healed to keep up my energy and my self-esteem.
  • I listened to my body and didn’t do anything that it didn’t want to do.

Am I a registered doctor/nurse/smart person? No.  Did I go see someone who would be? No.  Definitely go see a more qualified person if your injury is a concern.  I’m just a nobody that gathered up info and came up with a game plan.  If something worked for you, I’d love to hear what. 🙂

Challenge Week 24 Topic:  Personal Healthy Living Tip

This week on ELB we’re talking about our personal healthy living tips or cooking tips.  There are a lot to choose from.

  • I could mention how I advocate swapping out processed food for, well, food.
  • I could go on about how important it is to exercise every day – whether it be yoga, running, DVDs or whatever gets you moving.
  • I might even talk about how easy it is to count calories with technology and how it helps motivate you to eat healthily and moderately.
  • There’s even a few small things like swapping out dried beans for canned, or no salt added tomatoes for regular canned, or even drinking green tea to curb the sweet tooth after dinner.

But what’s my healthy living tip?

Do what you can and feel good about it.

You can do all of my above tips and more, but if it’s a chore or a forced habit, then you won’t reap the full benefits.  You’ll be more stressed and hard on yourself to “stay healthy”.  Healthy becomes a bad word akin to diet and exercising.  Without personal acceptance and personal willingness, the habits you try to instigate will not be personal.  Instead, they’ll be someone else’s ideas and someone else’s motivation.

Make being healthy YOUR idea.


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