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Eat. Live. Be. for a Better 2011 and Hip Flexor Check-in Part 2

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To see my post explaining ELB 2011, my goals, and other participants, go here.

My (Hip Flexor) Update:

It’s interesting how an injury, which can seem like the end of the world when it happens, can really open up new possibilities that I had forgotten existed.

Take walking.

For a while, I viewed walking as the (pardon) wimpy exercise.  I viewed it as something to do to add to my routine, but not something that would make a difference.  I walked for years (admittedly off again and on again and some of those walks were more like strolls) and nothing happened with my weight or with my health.  I therefore labeled it as “unhelpful” and quit adding it to my routine.

Now that I’m on my third week of hip flexor recovery, I’ve added walking back into my routine and it’s allowed me to be at peace with myself and with my injury.  There’s nothing more satisfying than starting off a bit stiff in the leg, and ending with a satisfying 2 mile walk at a brisk 4 mph stride.  My leg not only feels better, but I feel better.  I think I’ll embrace walking again and let it back into my life. 🙂

Here’s my third week routine for recovery:

  1. Continue with my daily yoga – 30 minutes of various standing stretches.
  2. Incorporate at least 4, 30 minute brisk walks into my week.
  3. Keep with my twice weekly upper body toning sessions (30 minutes each)
  4. Incorporate 2 sessions of upper body pilates this week.
  5. Rest up in between and take it careful.

I feel a lot better already, truth be told.  My strain is now isolated on the outside of my thigh and the pain is only acute with certain poses (like sitting cross-legged and leaning forward to give hubby a hug).   I’m hoping to be pain free by next Monday and maybe incorporate lower body pilates and one light aerobics.  But that’s next week.  Let’s see how this week goes. 🙂

Challenge Week Topic 21: Changing things up.

The last five months have been life-changing.

I’ve lost more than 10 pounds.  I no longer graze or crave for food all day long.  I cook vegetables in a multitude of colors and I keep track of it all with a food diary.

For the first time ever, last Saturday, I went out and felt good about my body.  I felt slightly narcisstic, but I just couldn’t help looking in the windows of the shops we passed, not at the goods on sale, but at me.  In my new shorts and with my more tone body striding past – confidently.

I wouldn’t have got to this place if I hadn’t taken my health so seriously.  I altered what I cooked and what I bought at the store.  I finally learned that it was okay not to match plate sizes with everyone else and that leaving food when you’re full wasn’t wasteful (I pack it up for later).

I finally made the connection between movement and body happiness.

Many people complain about exercising.  My neighbor said to me today, “I saw you out walking.  I really ought to force myself to do that, too!”

I used to feel the same way.  In fact, I used to take pride in the fact that I couldn’t lift bags over 10 pounds or that I had never run, willingly, since I was little.

After feeling how alive my body feels after exercising, I’m addicted.  I became so addicted, that it led to an injury, so I now need to re-learn moderation.

These last 5 months have seen changes in my lifestyle that are going to stay.   If they allow me to finally feel more confident and happy about myself, then there’s no better thing I can do for myself than to just keep on doing it.

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