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Eat. Live. Be. for a Better 2011 – Challenge 20 and Hip Flexor Check-In


To see my post explaining ELB 2011, my goals, and other participants, go here.

My Update:  I’m going to hold off on the update until I tackle this week’s ELB challenge.  It makes more sense that way.  Trust me.

Challenge Week 20 Topic:  Being Held Accountable – Bad Habits (topic 18)

A couple of weeks ago we were challenged to change one bad habit for two weeks.  My bad habit was allowing myself to call food bad names.  I didn’t allow food to exist without the black hat and the evil laugh.  Some food was okay while others were definitely plastered on Wanted signs in the walls of my brain.

How did I do?  Not so well.

In fact, I had completely forgotten to hold myself to my promise during the entire two weeks.  I could blame my injury, which happened right at that time, but I think if I searched deeply inside myself, I’d find that it has more to do with my (still there) belief that some food is just inherently bad.  I want to change this outlook, I really do, but with my injury I can feel my brain picking up on the name-calling even more.  At least I’ve identified the problem.  Now I can work on not only healing my body but patching up the brain, too.

My Update:

One thing I did do this week was join  It’s a free calorie counting website that also allows you to log your activity level and set goals.  I don’t have goals set since I’m at a happy weight right now, but I am logging my calories for the day in their handy chart.  The nice thing about the website (outside of being free) is how it lets you easily find foods in their directory and it allows you to create your own foods.  I’m not sure if I’ll keep doing this forever, but it’s helped me to feel better about myself during my healing stage.  When I didn’t count my calories I felt like my body was beginning to blur around the edges.

Hip Flexor Check-In

It’s been one week since my strain and I’m still feeling a bit tender.  It “stiffens” up when I sit for a while so I need to be careful when I stand back up.  I usually stand for a second or two to get the feel of the leg before I start moving.  No fast movements around here.

I didn’t exercise at all or stretch during the first week.  I sat around with an ice pack the first couple of days and I took two Ibuprofen until the pain subsided.  By mid-week, it started to feel better until I pulled it slightly again so it was back to ice and pills.  The weekend saw vast improvement in both pain and movement, but I still rested up.

I’ve also been using MSM cream on my leg twice a day.  I don’t know if it’s doing anything, but I figure that it can’t hurt.  I do seem to feel a bit better right after using it.  If it helps, right?  The website focuses on the skin benefits, but I’m using it to help with muscle healing and inflammation.

Image from FreshPics

Today is the start of the second week, so I’ve started to incorporate stretches into my day.  I do two sets of hip flexor stretches and I’ll begin incorporating some light yoga tomorrow into my routine.

I’ve also started doing some upper body work today.  I plan to do upper body work three times this week, taking alternate days off.  If I start to feel any strain in my leg at all, I’m going to quit.  It’s more important to heal my leg than it is to try to satisfy my brain.

If all goes well, next week we’ll see how I feel and I might incorporate some walking into my routine as well.  I’m not going to try any aerobics just yet since I want to be sure I don’t pull it again.

Here are a few resources that have really helped me to understand my injury.  They also discuss the stretches.

  • – Hip Flexor Strain – I really like how comprehensive this website is in explaining the finer details and providing images for the stretches.
  • ABC of Fitness – Hip Flexor Stretch – This site is rather cute with the animations that show you how to do the stretch and which muscle groups it targets. I think I’ll use this for some of the other stretches as well.

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  1. Feel better soon! ^.~

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