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Eat. Live. Be. for a Better 2011 – Challenge 19

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To see my post explaining ELB 2011, my goals, and other participants, go here.

My Update: 

This is a very sad day.  I’ll truly be tested this week as I try to recover from a strained hip flexor on my left side.  I’ve been feeling a bit of pain since last weekend, but it seemed to have been getting better as the week progressed.  I stuck to light aerobics and I was very careful with how much strain I was putting on my leg.  I was listening to my body for signals.

And then last night it screamed at me.  It not only screamed, but it gave a good imitation of what it might have felt like on the rack in ye olden times.

What was I doing?  Was I trying to squeeze in one more squat in my routine? Was I running that last quarter mile?  Was I pushing myself too far?

In a lot of ways, I wish that were so.  It’d make my injury a lot less pathetic (and not a harbinger of things to come as I age).  Okay, here goes nothing.  Get ready for true pathetic-ness.

I rolled over in bed.

Yep.  I was on my stomach and wanted to flip over to my right side and wham!  Screaming bloody murder the next.  At 5 am.  Hubby thought I had a sciatic nerve flare up but it was more depressing than that.  Now I have to definitely lay off the exercising for a week to see how I am come Monday.  Why am I not jumping for joy? Because I’ve grown to love exercising and how it makes me feel.  Because I don’t want to have to train my body to adjust to the routine again.

Because I’m half scared that I’m going to gain all of my weight back.

So, this week will involve a lot of stretching and mental wrangling.  In a way, I’m a bit excited to see how I come out of this.

Challenge Week 19 Topic:  Battling the Grocery Store

I’ve been shopping on Sundays lately since my job started, and I try to get there early since Sundays can be mayhem.  This last weekend saw some great deals at the store.  I spent $90 but saved $40.  I think that’s a good percentage saved. 🙂

How do I save money and yet stay healthy at the store?  Buy cheap, buy judiciously, buy fresh.

Buy Cheap.
  • Try store brands.  Where I live, the grocery chain I frequent has two (sometimes three) grades of store brands.  The top tier is a high-end version of name brand goods, the second tier is a “normal” range and the third is the bottom line (these I avoid unless they are paper products since there is a difference in taste quality).  We try out the store brand before we buy the name brand to compare taste and quality.  For the majority of items, there’s nary a difference (or it can even be better).  I can save a lot of money this way.
  • Use coupons.  Our local newspaper costs $1.75.  This is pricey, and if it weren’t for the coupons, I wouldn’t buy it.  However, I can easily get back that amount and twice it by using the coupons for non-perishable items.  Also check out your grocery website.  Mine has e-coupons that you can load to your store points card and is taken off at the register.
  • Buy price reduced items.  What I love about my grocery is that they give “almost” old items a second chance by reducing its price.  I can get really cheap produce this way and also things like cereal (they reduce the price on damaged boxes).
Buy Judiciously.
  • There are a few items that I won’t buy cheap no matter what.  One of those is beef.  We only buy grass-fed beef and although it’s much more expensive than “regular” beef, it’s much nicer (according to the hubby) and it’s more ethical.  The nice thing about buying this type of beef is that he only eats it occasionally thus reducing his red meat intake and he eats well when he does.  We also only buy greek yogurt, good detergent and cleaners and other items.  For some things, I have to admit to quality overthrowing price.
Buy Fresh
  • I make a lot of our food whether it be baked beans, soups, pastries, or curries.  By making my own food, we not only control what’s in it, but it’s cheaper.  I also avoid whole aisles at the store that feature processed food.  Most of my shopping happens in the peripherals.   I load up my cart with  fruit and veggies and dried beans while skipping the pre-made food and empty carbs.  Buying fresh isn’t all that more expensive than buying a box.  You can buy a bundle of broccolini for $1.50 and it’ll last several meals fixed several ways.  Not only will you be covering your vegetable quota, but you’ll be eating healthier and better.

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