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Red Kidney Bean Curry

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I love versatility in my dishes.  Most of what I cook can be fixed and eaten in a variety of ways – hot, cold, with or without, scaled up or down.  I also love to eat healthy food when I don’t have access to my kitchen.  Luckily, we have multiple microwaves at work, so I can bring food from home.

Enter curries.

I adore everything about a good curry. The slight kick of spice, the savory aroma, the full texture, and their versatility. It also doesn’t hurt that you can make a large batch to eat and freeze for future lunches or dinners.

I came across this recipe for Red Kidney Bean Curry on Smitten Kitchen a while ago, and it had been sitting in my bookmarks ever since.  I knew that I wanted to fix it, but it had taken a while to get to the point where I could (seeing as how I had to eat up the remnants of the previous black lentil curry).  Once I had the opportunity, I jumped right in and fixed it up the night before I had to go to work the next day.

It was easy.  It was quick.  It was delicious.  The mix of ginger, garlic and cilantro is heaven, and I love how I can dig right into this healthy and hearty meal and still feel like I’m at home.

Red Kidney Bean Curry from Smitten Kitchen

You can find the recipe here at Smitten Kitchen.  You can also view her much more brilliant pics to get a better idea of the delight that this curry possesses.

This recipe makes 6 servings, but I am the only one eating it so it’ll go much further.  I place about a half cup of curry with a cup of brown rice in a glass container for lunch.  It carries well and you don’t have to fridge it.

  • One change I did make to the recipe was to swap out the 1/3 cup of oil with 1 tbsp of ghee.  The flavor was wonderful and I didn’t feel quite so icky about the amount of oil in the recipe.
  • I also used the full 1/4 cup of ginger, and I highly recommend you doing so, too.  If you don’t like ginger, then follow her suggestions, but the ginger is what makes this a truly delicious dish.
  • When I went to my grocery store, I realized that I was chili ignorant.  I know that a jalapeno is too hot for me and a serrano is just right.  The recipe calls for a green chili, but I wasn’t sure what constituted a “green chili” – my store had these massive peppers called green anaheim peppers that looked evil.  I was later to find out that they would have worked just fine.  I erred on the side of caution and used one medium serrano pepper with great results.
  • The last thing I did was to use about a cup of chopped cilantro and I cooked it in the pot at the end.

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