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Eat. Live. Be. for a Better 2011 – Challenge 17

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To see my post explaining ELB 2011, my goals, and other participants, go here.

My Update:

In addition to eating with the owls, my lunch is shared with two snack breaks.  In days gone by, my typical lunch and snack breaks included the following:

  •     peanut butter and jelly sandwich or a cheese/lettuce/mustard/mayo sandwich
  •     chips
  •     pudding
  •     granola bar
  •     banana
  •     wheat crackers and a Laughing Cow wedge
  •     cookies

With my new healthy eating habits, I had to re-evaluate what I was eating.  Notice the high amount of unhealhty carbs and calories?  Notice the sugary items?  Yeah, they had to go.  If I was going to consume carbs and sugar than they had better do double or triple duty.   I still needed a high-protein lunch to keep me going, so I thought about what filled me up but was still tasty and healthy.

So, here’s my new lunch and snack menu:

  •     greek yogurt – snack
  •     brown rice and black lentil dal or red kidney bean curry
  •     banana
  •     4 wheat thin and peanut butter “sandwiches” (I just spread and thin layer of pb between two thins)

And that’s it!   I was unsure whether the curry would fill me up enough since it’s the only thing I eat at lunch, but it’s been perfect.  Not only do I get a really good meal, but it makes me feel a bit more relaxed (rather than eating a quick sandwich).  I’m loving the home-cooked and scaled down lunch.

Am I hungry when I get home? Yes.  Unfortunately I’m all about food when I walk through the door.  I’ve been able to curb the cravings by eating an orange and one Weetabix.  This keeps me going until dinner after my exercises.

Challenge Week 17 Topic: I can’t live without…


And, yes, this makes the whole eating healthy thing a bit difficult.

This weekend was Easter and as such there were multiple desserts and cakes.  I tried my best to resist but I couldn’t stop myself from taking a cherry cupcake, ice cream, and a slice of mandarin whip cake.  It was all delicious.

Growing up,  we didn’t have many desserts.  We’d have the occasional fruit crumble or cobbler, but most of our desserts were of the snack variety – packaged, quick, and not all that good.  Of course, now that we’ve all moved out of the house, my mother is cooking desserts at every opportunity.  Jealous, me?  Very much. (I mean, what’s up with that??)

Now that I have control over the meals and the kitchen, I’ve found myself wanting some type of dessert after a meal.  We might have cookies, chocolate, fruit or brownies – I’m not picky.  I used to bake a lot just to have desserts at hand.  Now, however, I try not to bake as much.  This has resulted in fewer sweets, but not a cessation in dessert consumption.  It’s something I’m trying to work on, but I think we’re at a happy place now with regards to quantity and quality. 🙂

What am I baking next?  This lovely (and quick) Oreo and French Silk Cake

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