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Eat. Live. Be. for a Better 2011 – Challenge 16

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To see my post explaining ELB 2011, my goals, and other participants, go here.

My Update:

Today began my first full day of work after leaving teaching.  I was given the position I had interviewed for previously, and I’ll be working full time for the next 2 weeks.   Prior to today, I have felt a whole gamut of emotions from scared stiff to excitement.

I found it very difficult to sleep last night (which had nothing to do with the job but something else), and woke up this morning a bit groggy and unsure – would I like the job?  Would I find it stimulating enough?  Would I be able to last until 4 pm?  Would this bowl of frosted mini-wheats be enough for breakfast or will I be the loud grumbly-tummy person everyone tries to ignore?

I’m proud to say that even after having been awake since 6:30 am and recieving no more than 4 hours of sleep, I did not feel at all sleepy while at work. (And the cereal worked really well at staving off hunger.)

And you know what?  The day was fantastic! 🙂

The people were nice, the job is actually kind of fun and it was really relaxed.  I was tired when I came home, but it was a really good experience.

I’m also able to keep with my healthy eating (I’m taking homemade curry and brown rice with yogurt and a banana for snacks) and I even accomplished my exercising after a quick power nap this evening.

The job is temporary so I don’t know how long it will last (I may get another project after this initial one), but I’m feeling really positive about everything regardless.  The only bad thing about today was the horrible sinus headache from my allergies.  So painful.

Challenge Week 16 Topic: Inspirational Music

I love to listen to music when I’m in the car.  We bought a Soundfly recently and it has been a godsend. You plug this little guy into your car cig socket and then any mp3 player, and you can rock down the road with your head boppin.  We love it for long trips where we listen to BBC radio comedy programs.  I’m not using it to go to work, though, since the drive is only 15 minutes each way (I listen to NPR).

I love to listen to books on CD/MP3 when I cook, clean or fiddle about.  It allows me to “read” so many books I wouldn’t have the time for otherwise, and I just love that I’m “reading” while working.  I find that not only do I get more done, but I enjoy doing it as well.  At the moment I’m listening to Pride and Prejudice and Zombies – it’s hilarious and brilliant.

But listen to music as I work out?  Take a walk?  Run?


If I’m working out, I’m too busy copying the moves from the DVD to pay attention to anything else, and if I’m walking, I’m too busy talking with my hubby (which is a lot more fun).  I can’t “multi-task” while I exercise and even when I used to ride a stationary bike, I would watch anime rather than listen to music.  I also don’t listen to music as I run since I’m too busy huffing and puffing to hear anything beyond my own breathing.

Want good playlists that you won’t find here?  Go to this blog that responded to this week’s challenge:

I’m sure more will follow, but Sarah’s blog was the only one at the time of posting who had responded. :/

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