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Eat. Live. Be. for a Better 2011 – Challenge 15

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To see my post explaining ELB 2011, my goals, and other participants, go here.

My Update:

Saturday was the second “off” day I’ve taken since the beginning of the year.  We went up to my parents to celebrate a birthday and while my hubby usually drives on the way back, I took to the wheel since he was shattered from too little sleep the night before.  This meant that I was the one shattered when we arrived home and so I skipped out on the exercising.

And I ate a lot of JUNK.

Let’s list the collateral damage, shall we?

  • All You Can Eat Buffet: mashed potatoes, macaroni and cheese (small portions for both but I did go back for a second helping), taco dip and 6 chips, corn, fried and battered mushrooms (3), a gooey bar of some kind (sooo delicious and rich), pineapple and a big serving spoon full of banana pudding (soooo yummy with Nilla wafers and whipped cream)
  • 2 donuts (yay!! lemon custard and a cinnamon sugar twist)
  • a chocolate cupcake
  • two slices of Pizza Hut stuffed crust veggie pizza
  • two cinnamon breadsticks with icing
  • pineapple
  • 1 pfeffernusse cookie
  • 2 grilled mochi with sugar for dipping

Even though that list looks ugly when written out, I have to say that it was all scrummy.  I loved every bite of it and I was happy to have it since I normally don’t make any of that for myself or buy it.

There’s a quote from someone in one of my magazines (I know, that sounds really shady, but trust me, I swear it’s a real quote) that said that one way to lose weight and eat healthily is to remember how one felt when one ate junk food.

In other words, terrible.

And I felt horrific the whole night.  Tummy ached, felt weighed down, dragged down and stomped on.

Even though the food was tasty, it was only after that I felt the effects and it made me want to swear off junk forever.  In fact, I had a junk food hangover.

And just like those who get alcohol hangovers and swear off drinking again, I’ll probably still indulge when we have these birthday parties. At least I’m getting better at how much I take of one thing.

(Sunday I did an hour of aeroboxing and an hour of brisk walking around town.  It made me feel mentally better about all of that food. :))

Challenge Week 15 Topic: Vitamins and Supplements

My mother is the queen of vitamins.  She’s always taken a lot of different supplements, primarily because the catalog from the vitamin company extols the virtues of one plant extract or another.  I remember at one point a total of 6 or 7 pills would sit on the breakfast table in a myriad of shapes and colors.

I questioned her need to take these pills, but I never really pushed it.  They seemed harmless enough, and she was usually moving on to a new pill or plant soon enough.

Now, she’s mellowed out and she doesn’t take quite as many as before.  The vitamin cabinet (yup, we had a whole cabinet devoted to the huge brown and green jars) is emptier and she isn’t quite as keen to take new pills.

Do I take them? Yes.  Many?  No.

  • I take a calcium since there’s a strong family connection with osteoporosis.  I figure I’d get it on early rather than when I take a tumble in my 60s and need a new hip.

I know people who claim to have excellent bone mass levels even without dairy and I say more power to them.  If you can do it, great.  For the rest of us, though, it’s going to take more than mustard greens to build bone mass.  I’ve started weight lifting for this very reason, too.  Apparently, lifting weights can increase your bone mass and make it more difficult for you to lose bone as you age.  I’m hoping that coupling exercise and calcium pills will help me avoid the dreaded “brittle bone disease”.

  • I take a Vitamin C since my hubby swears up and down that not taking one even for a day leads to colds.  Not sure if this is really true, but it certainly makes me feel better and the power of the mind might win out over the nasty bug (I’d like to think).
  • I also take a multi-vitamin, just in case I haven’t covered all of the bases in my meal preps.  I think it’s less necessary now than, say, two years ago, though.  Now I eat a lot of vegetables and I have more sensible portions of carbs and dairy.  There’s also research that casts a skeptical eye over the power of the multi.  Some  aren’t sure if the body even absorbs the nutrients in an effective manner in pill form.  I like to gamble on the side of caution and unless they say that multi-vitamins cause health side effects, I’ll take one.

I don’t think that vitamins and supplements are necessary for a healthy lifestyle.  In fact, I only take vitamins because I feel like, well, why not?  🙂 They don’t hinder me or help me (at least, not in any way I can tell), but it’s a small price to pay for potentially great benefits.  I’d hate to think that the one thing I could have done differently to avoid something was to take a little pill every morning.  It’s worth the effort in my mind.

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