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End of the month photo roundup – March

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March Photo Roundup

March is always a month full of expectations: spring is coming, flowers are pushing up, and April is just around the corner.  While Spring officially begins in March, I don’t feel like it’s truly Spring until April.

April will also be the month when my cousin has her baby girl.


That is our pink pig and sheep, thank you.

She’s due any day now and her shower was a good time to catch up.  There was cake, “games” and presents.   One of the games was a “how well do you know her” quiz that stumped everyone – even her mother!  Questions included:

  1. Who is her favorite boxer of all time?
  2. What was the make and model of her first car?  And
  3. What position did she play in softball (back in High School)?

I’m not sure if those are typical questions for a baby shower, but they seemed odd to me.  Surely we should be answering questions about the baby?  Or about her ideas of motherhood?  Or something baby related?  There were 20 such questions and the most anyone could answer (her mother, surprise!) was 7.  I was able to answer 2.  I suppose I should feel bad about those numbers, but truthfully I don’t think knowing that her favorite song is “Stuck Inside a Mobile with the Memphis Blues Again” is really all that important.

Broken bracelet – New beginnings.  

I’ve worn a bead bracelet on my right wrist since my college years.  It never comes off.  I was given a small bead set from a friend in Japan my sophomore (?) year in college and I made my first bracelet with a promise to do something great before I’d take it off.  The meanings I’ve attached to the bracelet have morphed over the years as they’ve inevitably broken and have been replaced, and now this bracelet holds a little of all of them.  The one above had been on my wrist for a few years and I changed it up from the more subdued pale beads to bolder colors.  I want a constant reminder that I’m a new me this year.

My hubby gave me a miniature rose plant one day after work a few months ago.  I’m typically not keen on houseplants (no matter what I do they attract mold and gnats – ick!), but this one I was going to try my best.  It’s grown from a small store plant to a healthy foot tall mini-bush.  It’s begun to bloom and I’m loving the tiny bit of Spring in our house.

Oh, yes.  And I’ve named it Argyl.  I thought it fit perfectly. 🙂

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