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Eddy Tails: Mine!

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And this is what you get when you go into the kitchen for a minute or two to make lunch (notice the chewed cardboard in front).  I knew that he was on his box (on the right) and that was okay, but I hadn’t factored in his ability to climb down off the box backwards and onto his supply box where I keep his snacks and cleaner.  I really should have known better.

He was really holding onto that bottle when we spotted him.  He’s playing dominate in the pic (head down, feathers up, stance assertive), but he was moved immediately away and his box was shifted further to the right.  Afterward I noted that he had taken a good chew at his birdie biscuits box but luckily he didn’t puncture the plastic – otherwise we’d have a very full tummy bird.

Eddy word of the day: peekaboo.  (He says this in the poutiest way possible and it’s adorable.  Even after the hundredth time today… )

Eddy noise of the day:  door hinge squeal.  (I swear, our bathroom door whined only a couple of times but he picked up on it immediately and turned it into a good candidate for a horror film.)

Update: And this is where he was later on tonight – perched precariously on the slippery food bag.  *sighs* Gotta love him. 🙂

*slip...slip...slip* Help!

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