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Eat. Live. Be. for a Better 2011 – Challenge 11 and Glazed Pink Grapefruit Bread


To see my post explaining ELB 2011, my goals, and other participants, go here.

My update: Still the same – eating sensibly and exercising daily.  I’ve been feeling a bit weak in the knees lately, so I’ve been focusing on a lot of upper body work and light aerobics until I feel better (will do strength training on my legs on Wed, I think).  So, today it was upper body strength training and a dash of latin dancing!  Cha-cha-Cha!

I’m really going to look hard for a good zumba DVD.  I keep hearing great things about it, and I would like to add some “fun” to my routines.

Challenge Week 11 Topic: Staying Motivated

I definitely had a hard time starting my exercises when I used to view them like homework:  30 minutes due every  other day or 3 days a week.  Nothing is ever fun if you have the allure of downtime in-between.  I always wanted to extend my off days just one day more and then I’d feel guilty because I didn’t do the exercises.

The winter and the summer are a bit the same for me.  My routines don’t really change, and while I do go for more walks and runs during the summer, my day-to-day routine isn’t any different.  So in some respects, it isn’t really about the season that can sap motivation but the actual activity.

This year, however, is different.  I began really working out near the start of the new year – right around the time when I went for my cholesterol checkup.  At that time, I was told that not only had my efforts paid off (the levels were lower and I had dropped 9 pounds since my last checkup), but that I should sustain them.  The very fact that I could actually see my body becoming healthier (and by see I mean see my levels lowering) has been a motivator like no other.  The mere thought of not exercising or indulging in bad foods for pro-longed periods of time makes my feet feel antsy.  I want to move.  I want to demonstrate to my body that I can take care of it and that I will.

My greatest motivator isn’t the scale. (Sure, it’s been fantastic seeing the lost weight, but I know that the weight might be relative.)  My greatest motivator is inside me.  My body is healthy and happy.  What’s inside is just as important as what’s outside and I want to keep my insides happy since they’re the ones keeping me going.

Glazed Pink Grapefruit Quick Bread Recipe

This weekend saw my brother and his family visiting us for a bit to deliver a home bottled batch of maple syrup.  They have maple trees on their property that they tapped and they dropped one off for us to try.  I can’t wait to open it up, but we have to get through our current bottle of maple first.

I knew they were coming so I wanted to have something here for them to eat before they went on their way.  I was looking around and came across this recipe by the Cookin’ Canuck for Glazed Pink Grapefruit Quick Bread.  I just so happened to have one in my fridge and so I made it that morning.

I followed her recipe but I had to make a drastic change: I used 1 cup of egg substitute for the 3 eggs.  (I only had enough eggs for our breakfast so I had to do something…)  The substitution meant a longer cooking time (perhaps by a half hour) and it also meant a very moist and dense crumb.  Everyone thought it was delicious, though, so it was a hit!  The bread doesn’t have  a strong grapefruit flavor, and I would have liked if it was more pronounce.  I want to give this recipe another try with other citrus fruits, though, since it’s such a good base.

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